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    the_hydrA - 30.05.2007, 10:19

    Carnarvon. June, 5th

    Perth. Late April.
    Before we actually started driving north I began to realize that the money we had at that time would not be enough to make it to Broome; we needed to smash our white asses in the sun, we needed to work again. Not only for a mere couple of days - a long-time-farmwork-period was going to become reality once again.

    However, the plan was to make it to the work-promising coastal town of Carnarvon (look at map below) right in time to the 1st of May when the season was officially said to begin. In between we would have as much fun as possible (like usual, a mere substanceless establishment meanwhile. Of course we'd have fun! We'd have everything we needed, don't we? Real threatening wild on the rarely illuminated highway, real drugs, real ocean, real dolphins, real strange stone-formations, real strange wicked-van-people, real awesome music, real friendship and real love - in a more elaborate way, though, but certainly not less real) while stopping everywhere we decided it'd be worth.
    That said, we enjoyed ourselves in Cervantes and its Pinnacles, Geraldton, Kalbarri National Park (and amazing gorges.. and err.. flies) and, as the big finale, Monkey Mia (dolphin-resort at Shark Bay, World Natural Heritage, by the way, hee).

    Everything above will be put online as soon as I get outta this library and across the street into the local I-Net-Cafe. Comments follow soon, stay in touch.

    Location of Carnarvon in Western Australia (red).

    As planned we arrived in town on May, 1st - checking in into one of the two prominent backpacker hostels, promised work for the next day already. As certainly not planned we finally got stuck in here for the following five weeks - spending a whole eight days just hanging around for the season was now said to start not before another two weeks waiting. The first jobs we got, however, included picking melons, pruning cucumbers and re-arranging cupsicums in overdimensional farm-structures -
    I used to make the best of my unwanted free-time in the hostel, including writing letters, daily library-researches (that ended up in a quite mess pf printed wiki-articles about Nietzsche, Wagner, Hutchence and a bunch of guitar-tabs), playing Kicker and Battleship with Pierre, watching a couple of movies I always wanted to watch in original soundtrack, writing poems, taking pictures, having a swim in the Indian ocean, talking with Japanese students about Korean history and politics, learning about Hinduism and improving my language-skills in Indonesian and Italian...

    Donnie and me finally decided to actually do something and kept driving across the area, checking every single farm or shed or whatever on the way, asking for a job... until we got lucky one glorious Wednesday morning (June, 13th).
    After another twenty days we had enough for we're running slowly out of time now (instead of money) and decided to move on (fair enough!) - and there we are then.
    Day Zero.
    We checked out the hostel at ten, everybody simply being lucky or in a queer mood (Donnie probably had one his best Australian weeks in here), got to know to an Italian guy who responded to our lift offer a few hours ago and I will have to hurry now to prepare myself before we start again...
    We're on the road again! Can there be anything more delicious? (Uh yeah, there definitely can...)

    Next targets, roughly guessed, the following: Coral Bay+Exmouth, Karijini National Park (via Tom Price), Port Hedland and Broome.

    Sampai jumpa lagi.

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