Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"
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    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    atlantis - 28.05.2007, 11:46

    Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"
    Hey guys!

    That time is here again - a new Iron Savior release! (I can't get over the fact lol) Since two songs are now available in the official MySpace umm.. thing (I always have a trouble with this), I thought we should have the words too.

    So you will find the lyrics to "Megatropolis" on my website:

    I'm not quite done with Flesh yet and I have to leave the house, but I will upload that very soon. Of course, I'm going to need help with some of the words.

    Some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time - enjoy!

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    Wong Chung Bang - 29.05.2007, 00:16

    Thanks a lot for those, Atlantis! The only thing I hear differently in "Megatropolis" is on the line "Only I was going to where no man’s gone before" - I think the first word is 'Boldly', to echo the lyrics from Thunderbird (and the opening of Star Trek!). So is this album's subtle theme about the Thunderbird returning to Earth?

    As for Flesh, there were a couple of things I heard differently:

    A man-eating monster is trolling at your back -> "Crawling up your back", I think.
    Blood stained; he dwells among the sin; -> I thought it was "dwells on mortal sin", but it really could be either, and your one seems to make more sense.
    I've no idea about the "prisoners" line either - I thought it was "pinching out the light" at first, but on listening to it again it doesn't sound anything like that either.
    It sounds like "virtue with the knife" to me, too - we'll have to wait for the release to find that one out =)

    "Megatropolis" is fantastic, by the way - I detected a bit of Gamma Ray's 'One with the World' in the very first lyrical section!

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    DavidN - 29.05.2007, 00:20

    And to celebrate its coming release, I have morphed into my true non-daft Internet name, complete with subtle signature change.

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    atlantis - 30.05.2007, 06:31

    So *ahem*... welcome aboard , DavidN! ;)

    lol Anyway, I think you're right about "boldly". After you mentioned it, I can't hear it any other way. As for Flesh, I hear a t-sound, but you're right... "trolling" doesn't make sense. "Crawling" it must be then. Same for "dwells on mortal sin" - can't hear the ng-sound of "among".

    Thanks, I've updated the blog post (check it out). I remember three years ago when Battering Ram was released you got to the lyrics real early - I had to beat you to it this time! :P

    Not to digress here (this always happens, doesn't it?) but you're in Boston now? And your new mods are really awesome - I'd love to try vocals on one of them. Maybe "Hand of Fate" or "Fallen Angel".

    And oh yeah, Megatropolis is going to keep me exciting for quite some time! Not sure how it fits in to the IS Saga, but I really do need to follow it better. Do you still have those summaries you wrote of the story?

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    DavidN - 30.05.2007, 17:22

    Yes, over the past year I've finished university, got married, moved to Boston and started a job as a coder... so overall it's been a pretty big life change. Thanks for the MOD comments - you're welcome to have a go at them if you like. There was a vocalist on SheezyArt that was interested too, so if he's any good, you might be hearing some 'official' songs by me with added vocals soon enough =)

    I'd actually been meaning to ask you if you minded if I do a cover of "When The Machine Stops" (remember it?) Do you still have the source MIDI for this or anything? I tried to work out the chords to it myself and was a dramatic failure.

    I actually got a sample of "The Omega Man" from a site with a review of Megatropolis, too, but as it isn't one of the tracks they've officially released, I have to conclude that the review site was a bit dodgy... I can't find the site again to point it out. It's looking to be a great follow-up - I hadn't realized how long it had been since the band released anything.

    The plot's got a lot more subtle now, which I'm still in two minds about - I thought that a metal band with a definite storyline was one of the best ideas ever, and it certainly helped me to get into them in the first place, though it's definitely a love-or-hate thing, and pushing it a little into the background definitely makes them more accessible (and able to write more diversely). I had a hunt around on my old site for the Iron Savior plot, and my write-up of it did still exist - I've copied it over to the webspace I use now. However, I think Piet's own summary of the plot has superseded it by now!

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    atlantis - 30.05.2007, 17:55

    Wow... so much has happened! I saw your wedding photos - congratulations! :D What do you code in, btw? I'm trying to get myself started on Objective-C and Apple's Cocoa framework...

    I've already recorded a short sample of "The Fallen Angel"--it's really very well-composed and I'd agree it's very Maiden-y--where should I send you the attachments?

    About The Machine Stops - sure! Go ahead. I have anything you might need -- words, MIDI and a draft recording with a friend singing -- I can send them to you.

    Ah, thanks for the links to the plot. I remember reading sometime back but have to catch up. Perfect timing too ;)

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    DavidN - 30.05.2007, 23:22

    Thanks, atlantis - is the place to send to.

    My job has me writing in a variety of things - C#, Java, JSP... but for my game-writing I use a more graphical game-oriented developing program called Multimedia Fusion 2 (and it's fantastic).

    Re: Lyrics to "Megatropolis" and "Flesh"

    atlantis - 31.05.2007, 05:40

    I've sent you 'When the Machine Stops' files and my short vocal sample of 'Falling Angel'. Tell me what you think.

    About programming; jeez, I'm always thinking in this "abundance potential" sort of way. Thing is--and I know it comes down to basic economics and having to make choices--but whatever I focus on, grows. This is was Dr. Wayne Dyer (I read a book of his) calls "abundance theory" - that there will unlimited availability if you decide there should be, but that requires that I allow it to grow and channel my limited energy to it. Question is, what do I want to grow on? There's my music, school (and yikes! It happened some time back when I was doing great academically, at the expense of all the other things I love doing), web design, food and coffee, languages!

    So *ahem*, a bit of venting there. But I've been meaning to program a few ideas I have, one in PHP and the other a desktop software (so Cocoa), but haven't gotten around to learning all the things I need to learn.

    Your games look interesting -- the screenshots remind me of my old Bio-Menace, Jazz Jackrabit, Abuse days. Ahh, retro :P

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