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    Re: P-51 data...

    Jim A - 26.05.2007, 00:47

    P-51 data...
    Hello again,
    As a self-proclaimed P-51 Nut, I have collected a fair amount of information on them. If there are specific questions about parts, I'll try to help ID them. I have access to drawings as well as manuals. As a general rule, I don't make copies anymore, but will research as time is available and share what I find. Just a thought for any potential Mustang wrecks out there.


    Re: P-51 data...

    Roy N - 26.05.2007, 01:46

    Hi Jim

    thanks for the offer on the P51 info.
    As im sure you can see, none of us are experts. we are just doing the best we can to ID all these parts. we welcome any proven facts, opinions or WAGS. :D
    Any input you can give will be appreciated


    Re: P-51 data...

    Paul - 26.05.2007, 23:28


    Being affected by the P-51 virus for a long time listen to the wonderful sound !



    Re: P-51 data...

    Roy N - 26.05.2007, 23:45


    yes a wonderful sound. would scare the hell out of you if you were trying to hide in a fox hole though.
    i agree they are a good looking plane. i just prefer the 4 engine mud movers. :D

    how did your day go?


    Re: P-51 data...

    Paul - 27.05.2007, 09:56


    The ceremony at Ardennes was impressive again and emotional for the group from the AWON as for some it was the first and maybe the last time to visit the grave of their father/uncle....Later we had dinner with them and heard their stories.
    Due to the low ceiling the USAF F-16's could only flyover above the clouds like last year...
    This afternoon we've arranged a meeting with a Belgian woman who adopted the grave of one of the group's father so that will be another touching moment !


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