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    Re: 17th place

    varishiiri - 14.05.07

    17th place
    Hanna got the 17th place on eurovision song contest.

    It was a really nice performance. Sadly it was not enough...

    Re: 17th place

    *dark*shadow* - 20.05.07

    beautiful gig, beautiful woman, but the east-European sucks >.<

    Re: 17th place

    varishiiri - 20.05.07

    yeah... that'S right!!! but it was nice to see her...

    Re: 17th place

    Mari - 20.06.07

    i think she has an awesome voice but unfortunately the song sucked big time. "leave me alone " was like the most boring hanna - song i've ever heard. no wonder it was left on the 17th spot. :/ (ok ok, i know the songs are not the main thing why people vote for some country but).. anyways, i like hanna, i really do. she should have participated with different song though.

    Re: 17th place

    varishiiri - 20.06.07

    probarbly she had to choose an other song, cause hse have much better and much more poserful songs on her album, but at alll... it was a great performance

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