Intel slashes prices

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    Re: Intel slashes prices

    [DD]Trip - 23.04.2007, 18:26

    Intel slashes prices

    Intel dramatically cuts prices today. You can get a core 2 duo 6700 for the former price of a 6600 now.

    In Q3/2007 you will get an Core 2 Quad 6600 for $266.

    In the pc market waiting always pays off. Its a curse and its a blessing at the same time.

    Re: Intel slashes prices

    [DD]Trip - 24.04.2007, 06:49

    Reading this article about raytracing. I would say I have to wait for the cheap Quad core coming this Fall, because Raytracing is the future of Games, and scales perfectly with multiple Cores.

    Dual Core will be outdated soon. :idea:

    Re: Intel slashes prices

    octihead - 24.04.2007, 22:36

    A.M.D are now claiming their quads will be 50% faster in certian apps.

    apparently they are already shipping 3.ghz quads for the server market.

    I have to upgrade my whole system, don't know if I can wait until fall :cry:

    I may just get a realy cheap low end core 2 overclock the hell out of it and make sure I get a mb compatable for 4 cores. Will be stuck with intel though.

    Not sure what to do it does not seem to be the best time to upgrade

    Samsung have just announced the arrival of 2x 4 gig memory sticks.
    So things are getting rather mad in the p.c world.

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