ESL liga season 7

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    Re: ESL liga season 7

    RaBBitRApER - 16.04.2007, 15:21

    ESL liga season 7
    think we should try to participate! ;)

    register on with your bitch-nick without clantag!
    for example i registered as: RAPEmeBABE
    edit your profile and enter:
    :!: your guid
    :!: our IRC-channel (#!hctib! @ quakenet) or your ICQ number!

    moooove!!! last day is 21.04.07 to sign up! :joint:

    Re: ESL liga season 7

    b4LLz - 17.04.2007, 09:32

    I think esl is a much stronger cup than boulard, so we have to train 1-2 times at week, and to play more tactical.

    maybe i try to make in tactical section a list whit points, where i think we need to work :roll: .

    Re: ESL liga season 7

    RaBBitRApER - 17.04.2007, 09:59

    ja! do this ollo! You wanna be promoted to our train-teacher ballz? :lol:
    well hurry up with registration plz!!!
    after you registered try to go to the controlpannel and click on enter a team or join a team.. dunno exactly how it is written in english on that page.. cant change my profile language anymore :?
    and than type !HctiB! as team and the password! (you can find the password in the privat bitchforum-part...

    Re: ESL liga season 7

    b4LLz - 17.04.2007, 14:08

    nooo :shock: I`m for sure not your teacher, I`m your student :D

    i have only some suggestions, how maybe we can play better against good teams like tgr or cdap.

    Re: ESL liga season 7

    RaBBitRApER - 21.04.2007, 11:48

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh we can't participate on this cup cause admin said it's only a cup for germans! pffff motherfukkers!!!! :evil:
    at least registration is not in vain because there will be other cups on ESL so for the next cup the reg is already done :D

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