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Re: Thats it

shorty - 16.04.2007, 00:42
Thats it
well, i thoght my situation would be only temporary and not for more then a year. hmm i was totally wrong. job and family are taking much more time as i ever could imagine.
and thats why i say good bye lost Souls.
i will run the site and the domain for some months but cause of security problems with the account of this domain name, i cant give you the acces. cause there is not only the domain changeable.
so if anyone would like to host and bring up a new site its up to you. ill give you a date when the domain and the site are not active anymore. early noug ofcourse.
i hope youll keep up the image and the good work.
maybe well see us on the server when i have some time to play a quiet round with ya. youll see me with my old tags without LS and LDR infront and behind.
pitty that i missed a lot since last year, but thats life.
so cya m8`s and kick some asses for me, too

Re: Thats it

Gnome - 16.04.2007, 02:04


Re: Thats it

YOYO - 16.04.2007, 10:16

K ty shorty for all the things you have done for us the past year.
Plz inform me when the domain runs out. Cause then we can plan ahead of things.

Re: Thats it

X3ON - 16.04.2007, 12:08

bye shorty!

Re: Thats it

shorty - 16.04.2007, 14:50

no proeblem yoyo. it will run some months. maybe it will run longer then you think ^^.
i have to see how i can manage things.

Re: Thats it

Taz - 19.04.2007, 15:34

bye shorty.. :( what a pity that you leave, didnt saw you much on the server and so on, but thx for your forum-work :)

Re: Thats it

Darkjudge - 19.04.2007, 20:13

yo shorty im sad about this :cry:
anyway, thx for bringin me into the clan and have a good time :)

cya around - Darky
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