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    Re: Lovely Mocochang introducing

    bluewings5 - 13.04.2007, 23:00

    Lovely Mocochang introducing
    Here comes stuff from Lovely Mocochang or shortly LM.C~ ^-^

    LM.C are Aiji (Ex-Pierrot) and Maya (Ex-member of Miyavi's band) and became official in summer 2006 with photoshoots and interviews. As far as i know the band itself already excisted before and aiji often played support guitar.
    Their music is different to other bands and again i can't tell exactly which kind of music style it is... it's a mix out of hip hop,rap,rock,electric etc... but i think it's really worth a try ^^

    I uploaded their full discographie so go on and enjoy ^^

    First single Trailers in two versions Trailers [Gold] and Trailers [Silver] (out 04-10-06)

    Trailers [Gold]
    01. Rock the LM.C
    02. Ultra Bit. (Interlude)
    03. Funny Phantom
    -> Trailers (Gold) single
    -> Rock the LM.C PV

    Trailers [Silver]
    01. Little Fat Man Boy
    02. Wiggy (Interlude)
    03. Mr.Century
    -> Trailers (Silver) single
    -> Little Fat Man Boy PV

    Second single Oh my Juliet (out 31-01-07)
    01. Oh my Juliet
    02. Haunted House make a Secret
    -> Oh my Juliet single
    -> Oh my Juliet PV

    Their first mini album Glitter loud Box (out 07-03-07)
    01. No.9
    02. Loud Mucker Complex
    03. Boon!!
    04. Metally
    05. ~Sora namida iro~
    06. Crazy a go go
    07. ~Boost+Busterz~
    08. Yellow beauty</center>
    -> Glitter loud box

    The special edition of this mini album contained also a Bonus disc called LM.C Works 2006 which features backstage,live and studio footages from summer 2006 on as well as the making of the Rock the LM.C PV and Oh My Juliet PV. I uploaded this one as well but split it in two parts with hj-split. Even if you don't like their music at all,you HAVE to like those two people cause they're really funny to watch and you an see that they enjoy what they're doing ^^

    -> LM.C 2006 Works ~Bonus Disc~ part 1 (240 MB)
    -> LM.C 2006 Works ~Bonus Disc~ part 2 (232 MB)

    Enjoy~ :D

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