Many of these undiscovered Wrecks are Graves !!

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    Re: Many of these undiscovered Wrecks are Graves !!

    Roy N - 12.04.2007, 19:14

    Many of these undiscovered Wrecks are Graves !!
    All Digs should comply with any Laws of the Country where the recovery is taking place.

    When using this Site, it should be remembered that many Men who flew the Aircraft you are reseaching, died in the Wreckage. and are still listed as Missing.

    There are Familys all over the World who still search to find the fate of these Men and would appreciate any help you can provide as to the resting place of Aircraft, or Human Remains connected with these Aircraft.

    When recovering a Wreck where Human Remains are believed to be present it should be reported to the Government or Airforce of the Country who lost the
    Aircraft. many countries do not have a department for such recoverys but there are a number of recognised groups throughout Europe who do good work in this field.
    if any one would like to recommend any such groups send me a PM and i will include their contact details here.

    If you know of a Crash site where remains are still present but cannot reported it for any reason, send me a PM and i will help in passing on the information to the relevant organisation without giving your ID

    For American Military crashes contact the official American Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.
    Here is an online form available to report finds of human remains
    For Recovery in the Netherlands contact The Royal Dutch Airforce. (thanks Paul)

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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