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    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    JigSaw - 11.04.2007, 19:43

    Banned from LS .. ROFL
    Just wanna know who were the guy called "Mason". He banned me, but dunno why. He said me to turn it off (dunno what) then about 5 mins later I got banned reason just BB. lawl.
    Or maybe I got banned by that guy because he hates me or smth? lol

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    s0m3r - 12.04.2007, 12:50

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL
    Jig do u remember when your mate ban us (Ja and me) on your server? dunno why too...
    PS. i dont know who is "mason"

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    JigSaw - 12.04.2007, 20:14

    lol, yes I remember but I wasnt the one that wanted to ban You. I wanted to scrim against You rather than against vG, but he didnt.

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    RussianKama3 - 13.04.2007, 04:11

    my mate Russia5 was banned too...

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    JigSaw - 19.04.2007, 17:31

    Maybe someone can unban me from this server..
    My name was GodsArmy[#]Hustler or HustlerMc when I got banned.

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    YOYO - 19.04.2007, 20:10

    According to the banlist that is a verry old name (read its high in the list)
    You sure that name was never used before?

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    Darkjudge - 20.04.2007, 14:17

    Jigsaw are you in BOW now?
    if yes and if you are really the guy that claims he had always known that im a WH'er i really have to laugh at you :P

    Re: Banned from LS .. ROFL

    JigSaw - 20.04.2007, 23:14

    Ahahaha, BOW lolz.
    If I went to BOW I am Elton John.
    But I doubt that this name has been used b4. I was banned in a day this topic have been made or a day before that. Oh but To be honest, then maybe I used name Hus']['ler when I got banned. :oops:

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