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    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 04.04.2007, 18:53

    Studioreports & Videos
    Hi everybody,

    it will be a while until "Megatropolis" will be released on June 4th 2007.

    But to keep in touch with you and to shorten the time waiting for it we started a recording report done during the recording sessions of the new album.

    After the studio report texts you will soon find the first video of the drum recording session online!

    Here is a screenshot of the "cutting" of the video:

    I hope that you so far liked the studio reports and will like the recording videos, too!

    Watch out for them, they will be online during the next days!


    :!: The videos will be available in a flash player, you will only need flash to watch them! This place at the forum will also be the place to post if you have problems seeing the videos! :!:

    PS.: Would be cool to get a feedback from you here about the reports & videos!

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Observador Celeste - 07.04.2007, 14:54

    I want to thank the band and you, Harald, for let us take a peek on the future album. This is priceless, because at least in me, it really generated a feeling of belonging to this community. :D

    It was absolutely great that you've taken the time and went into trouble to write a detailed report, because it can explain many things, and I really appreciate your comments, but man, to ACTUALLY HEAR THE SOUNDS AND SEE THE MOMENT OF THE CREATION...
    THAT IS JUST... :shock: ... ... I'm speechless.

    I mean, we are HEARING the VERY ROOTS of the future.
    This is WAY, WAY different, simply beyond.

    I`ve been analyzing the sounds... and I want to dare making a prediction TO ALL WHO READ THIS REPLY: "HAMMERDOWN" WILL BE AMONG THE TWO MOST CATCHY SONGS IN THIS ALBUM.
    I feel it... Even unfinished, it has that strenght...

    There. I said it.

    Now, "Time, Only time will tell" if I was right or wrong.

    By the way: nice flash sync and video fading Harald. I loved it.

    And who's dog is Butch :?:

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 07.04.2007, 18:01


    well, it's Piets doggy! Always in studio, too!

    Thanks for the very positive reply to my work with the reports! That gives me power for the next stuff for you! And I also like to show you how "originally" a band still records their stuff.

    See yah,

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Wong Chung Bang - 09.04.2007, 02:20

    Great stuff with the reports and videos, Harald - the only thing I'd ask for more of is any commentary from the band themselves in the videos!

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 09.04.2007, 11:12

    Comments from the band...
    Well, I know that it would have been much cooler to have comments from the band in the reports, but the fact was that they were very busy at the times when I came there and therefor they didn't want to say something in the videos directly to the watcher.

    But there are more scenes from the drum recording that will be in the second part, maybe there you hear them speaking a bit more!

    Thanks for the feedback again!


    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    atlantis - 12.04.2007, 05:13

    Harald, thanks for the video.

    I'm absolutely thrilled at getting to hear some new stuff! The intro--those weird circuit-like sounds--sounds fresh; alien, even. I love it! And Hammerdown sounds like a cool (*very* cool) song to headbang to.

    "Still I Believe" seems to have very interesting drum patterns. Damnit where's a drumset when you need one!

    Ah, good times ahead ;)

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 12.04.2007, 10:01

    ... please see that the INTRO is taken from the very first IS recording from 1997! :-)

    But the other sounds are originally "MEGATROPOLIS"! :P


    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    atlantis - 12.04.2007, 16:11

    Aha! Just goes to show my deprivation :P I haven't heard the first Iron Savior at all. (I know, I know, shock and awe!!...) Which song is it, btw?

    But anyway, really looking forward to Megatropolis.

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 13.04.2007, 08:28

    1st song on 1st IS CD:
    It's: "The Arrival"


    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 14.04.2007, 22:58

    Next recording video about to be finished...
    Hi again,

    the next part of the recording video from the drum recordings (see screenshots below) is about to be uploaded during the next weeks!

    Be sure there will be cool stuff to watch! "The awakening" of the Japanese bonus track and some fooling around like Piet with "his new glasses"! :lol:

    And a little bonus: Thomas "Face to face" IN the recording room:

    See yah,

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    atlantis - 17.04.2007, 04:50

    Harald! You can't - figuratively speaking - imagine how excited I am about Megatropolis!

    Thanks so much for bringing us updates. I really appreciate it. In fact, I'm blogging about it in my blog, check it out:

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    12afael - 21.04.2007, 04:24

    Thanx Harald, I really enjoy the studio report and video. it will be a guitar session report? did you take more pictures of the rack equipment? I really want to see what Piet use for the album.


    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 24.04.2007, 11:35

    2nd Part Drumrecordings...
    ... the next part is online!

    Have fun watching it!



    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Wong Chung Bang - 25.04.2007, 05:13

    Great again, Harald - strange to hear an acoustic Iron Savior theme when it's done to the click track at the start, but I recognized it instantly. And the 'vocal version' of it at about 1:49 is most impressive too =)

    I can tell this is going to be fantastic.

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Eldritch - 26.04.2007, 20:23

    Awesome videos!!! It is truly a good feeling to be able to take part of what goes on behind the scenes, and even though it is all "live" and raw, unprocessed music we get in small doses, it does give a good feeling all over, and this is a definite buy for me :)

    THANK YOU!!! Keep 'em coming!

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    metallord69 - 28.05.2007, 09:00

    hi weenie , great to c some footage of is in the studio FINALLY !!!!!!! :) only footage i have ever seen of is is live from interlude cd . megatropolis rock's big time , already getting heavy rotation in my car and computer ( windows media ) hammerdown and still i beleive sound great . love thomas's double bass drumming . new album can't come soon enough . is are one of the very few band's in my opinion who only get better with each new album.

    Re: Studioreports & Videos

    Helloweenie - 12.08.2007, 14:29

    3rd part of studio report online... bass recordings...
    Well, first of all I have to say SORRY for being SO late with it... I planned to finish it before the release of Megatropolis but only couldn't make it during the last weeks: the last part of the recording report from the studio is finally online!

    During the recording I could also get the chance to join Yenz recording his bass in the Powerhouse Studio, because he has invited me to his recording session! Thanks to Yenz for the invitation!

    I hope you will like the last part, too, it's a bit shorter than the other ones, but different location and Yenz with his cool new bass!

    Enjoy and feel free to give feedbacks again! :-)


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