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    Re: CoH FAQ

    {ESA}Konigstiger - 04.04.2007, 01:08

    CoH FAQ
    1. General information

    1.1 - What is Company of Heroes?

    Company of Heroes is a Real-Time Strategy game in development by Relic Entertainment, based near the end of World War II. The Axis is on its last legs and is bringing out every experimental weapon they can lay their hands on and then some. Besides Company of Heroes, Relic has also developed such games as Dawn of War and Dawn of War: Winter Assault scheduled for release later this year. In Company of Heroes, one takes command of either the Allied or Axis armies to defeat their opponent.

    1.2 - When is Company of Heroes scheduled for release?

    Company of Heroes is currently scheduled for shipment on September 11th and will presumably arrive in stores starting the 14th in the USA. There are beta versions of the game obtainable through third party companies.

    Please note that the release for Europe is on the 29th of September.

    1.3 - What gameplay features can we expect in Company of Heroes?

    Many new and innovative gameplay features such as different “doctrines”, or tech trees, to follow for each faction makes the game much more diverse. Other things like fully destructible terrain and different doctrine abilities, like the ability to call down the terrifying V1 Rocket or replace tank losses immediately with Allied War Machine make the game that much more interesting and diverse. Not to mention the absolutely stunning graphics and cinematic quality makes the game a blast to play.

    1.4 - What are the estimated system requirements for Company of Heroes? *UPDATED*

    Our final system requirements for the game are a P4 2.0 or equivalent AMD system, 512 MB of RAM, and a 64 MB non MX video card capable of supporting PS 1.1 or better.

    2. Beta Information

    2.1 - How to get Closed Phase Beta access (July 5th - Present)

    Fileplanet's program is currently iffy - some people have been able to sign up and get a key others have been told that all keys are gone. Regardless, if you plan on using Fileplanet, make sure you put in very high system specs to get in. Don't just skip through ignoring the fields or you may be one of the rejected. You can access the Fileplanet homepage at :

    Pre-ordering through FilePlanet is the ONLY way to get access to the closed phase beta right now.

    2.2 - How to secure Open Phase Beta access (August 15th)

    GameStop is now offering open beta keys if you pre-order Company of Heroes through them. The keys have a release date of August 15th via email and supposedly you will not need to use Fileplanet to download the beta as GameStop will provide an alternate location.

    Best Buy is also planning on offering a pre-order promotion in the US to get access to the open beta. (New Zealand customers) will be able to get the open beta through pre-ordering at

    I will update this list with any additional links when theyre available.

    3. Single Player

    3.1 - What about the singleplayer element of the game? Will there be a campaign?

    Yes, there will be a campaign. You will follow the Allied Able Company in its missions and adventures throughout the war-torn lands of Europe.

    3.2 - In the campaign, will there only be build and destroy missions or will the player have the chance to experience "survival" scenarios with only a few forces at his command?

    Due to lack of information regarding this, we can only speculate, but it's safe to assume that there will be a variety of mission types, ranging from traditional "build and destroy" to "survival", etc.

    4. Multiplayer and Gameplay

    4.1 - Doctrine abilities how do they work?

    Each time your forces kill someone of the opposing army, you gain experience points. During a fierce battle, you can expect a great number of little green “+5” popups appearing on the map- each one of those was a soldier killed in action. Once you’ve gained enough of these points and chosen a particular company (for example, Airborne for the Allies or Terror for the Axis) you can spend your experience points on certain abilities, such as the V1 Rocket. Be warned though- even if you have enough experience points, it’ll still take a certain amount of manpower/munitions/fuel to use the power.

    4.2 - Does CoH uses Gamespy?

    No, Company of Heroes uses a new online system called Relic Online, versus popular competitor Gamespy. The player will login to Relic Online and have the option of playing ranked games or custom games, all the way from 1v1s to 3v3s. It is assumed that there will be support for 4v4’s, but that is pure speculation. When a player is in the lobby, he has the ability to sit in a game waiting for an opponent to join while chatting with other players.

    4.3 - Mirror matches - are they in the game?

    No, there are no mirror matches in the game. It’s been noted that the lack of mirror matches (Allies vs. Allies, etc.) will have an effect on online play, but a post by Company of Heroes developer qduffy explains the reasons-

    We can also look at just a few practical issues. This game is going to ship on a DVD - there are hundreds of MB of sound data custom to playing one team against another, all to help sell the immersion of fighting in a war against a mortal foe. To create audio alone for mirror matching would have practically doubled our install size. Let's also look at our units - these are very realistic looking units. Now imagine playing as Axis vs Axis. How easy is it to tell your units apart without splashing them with big blobs of colour? How easy would it be to tell your Axis ally apart from your Axis opponent? The memory necessary to create dozens of new colour tints for all the mirror match combinations was more than was practical. If we enforced team colour for mirror matches, none of our units would have the detail many people currently enjoy because we'd have to cut texture detail considerably.

    You can read the entire post here.

    4.4 - How long do average matches take in Company of Heroes?

    Generally, matches can run from anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour, depending on the skill of players and what choices they make in the game. On average, 1v1 games last from 10-20 minutes.

    4.5 - How do units react in the game? Are there any major pathfinding issues?

    Pathfinding issues are rare in Company of Heroes. A new advanced squad AI system allows for squads to automatically move as a whole and find cover. Vehicles and tanks have few problems navigating, unless of course they trying to get through tank traps

    4.6 - Will Company of Heroes have Replays?

    Yes, Company of Heroes has records/replays.

    4.7 - What kind of patching do Relic Developers prefer?

    Tranj- I'm for patching to the situation. If we have major imbalances in the game, exploits, or bugs, I want to see them fixed as fast as possible. If we are patching in say a whole new robust clan ladder and ranking system into the game, I'd rather see it done right than rushed out the door.

    4.8 - What about clans? Is clan supported integrated into Relic Online?

    Tranj- Relic online is in its infancy right now, it will grow constantly to support more and more user requested features. Clans is one of the top features on the list and will be one of the first features added post RTM. I want to see full clan support including clan leaders, lists, ranks, clan v. clan rankings etc. We have full designs for a very deep clan feature set and will roll it out as soon as possible.

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