Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

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    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 01.04.2007, 13:26

    Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)
    These are the names/levels/guilds of my chars they had on euRO. Though I got them all transfered, Some names have changed, the guilds were lost and some of them are leveld up meanwhile.
    For the charviewer have a look here:

    Abderita: FS-Priest ohne Rebirth-Ambitionen und Stardust-CoLeader

    Ehemann: Cpt. Chaos
    Kinder: Aniston Hawk und Cypher Hawk

    Aenor Tartaruga: Freecaster/Endow-Sage

    Ehemann: Justin Steelheart
    Kinder: Jawain und Jawaelle Steelheart (Zwillinge)

    Aura Ladresca: NatCrit- Assassine Cross

    Ehemann: Hagen Avalon
    Kinder: Tristan Avalon-Ladresca und Allegra Avalon-Ladresca

    Assia McTurtle: AGI/DEX-Huntress -> MvP-Hunter

    Ehemann: Flyrion
    Kinder: Faye McTurtle und Valorian McTurtle

    Aeris L'etoile: Peco-THsword-AgiKnight -> LordKnight

    Ehemann: Darken Star
    Kinder: Brighten Star und *Darling* Star

    Maelle St.Claire: Soul-Linker

    Ehemann: Keathen Albion
    Kinder: Raiden Albion und Cylee Albion

    Gaia Aeditua: FS-Priest -> High Priest

    Ehemann: Brighten Star
    Kind: Stella Pusillus

    Thamea Cheiron: Pistolera

    Ehemann: Jason Armitage
    Kinder: Thamy Armitage und Skylex Armitage

    Amber O'Toole: Battle BS und Stardust*Crumbles*-Leader

    mit Kharn Shadowblade liiert
    Kinder: Penny O'Toole und Leon O'Toole

    L'Aquitaine: Stalker

    Ehemann: Hot-Cash
    Kind: Big Richi

    Florence L'etoile: Single Dancer

    mit Jules Cordovan befreundet

    Azraelle LeBlanc: Hybrid-Assassine

    mit Lysander Thunderfist befreundet

    Cathlyn Avalon: Agi-SN

    mit Valnar Asceron befreundet

    Jaden Shuriken: Dagger/Shuriken-Ninja

    Esclarmonde Lusignon: Cast-SN

    Scareleth O'Hara: Cast-SN

    Allegra Avalon-Ladresca: permanent Baby-Thief


    Aniston Hawk: permanent Baby-Mage


    Jawaelle Steelheart: Peco-Spear-Baby-Crusader


    Faye McTurtle: Baby-Monk


    *Darling* Star: permanent Vending-Baby-Merch


    Stella Pusillus: RareSucher-Baby-SN


    Thamy Armitage: permanent FS-Aco


    Cylee Albion: permanent Baby-Archer


    Penny O'Toole: permanent Baby-Swordie


    Amy Ravenlord: Baby-Dancer


    Patty Pottery: Pure Potter

    Tubal Kajina: Pure Forger

    Teofania di Adamo: Battle Alche

    Marie LaVendelle: Vender-Alche

    Tangerine Dream: wannabe Combo-Dancer

    Neely Mallone: Perm-Steal-Rogue

    Anima Furiosa: CritBattle-Priest

    Ehemann: Aron Ravenlord
    Kinder: Redric Ravenlord und Amy Ravenlord

    Yquem de la Croix: Pure-Fun-Monk

    Feliz d'Azzardo: Falconeer

    Skai'th Wyde: Falconeer

    Amalaswintha: ? Knight

    Scaramouche: Thief

    Icy Pendragon: Old-School-Build Wizard

    to be continued?^^[img][/img]

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 25.07.2007, 17:11


    Aeris L'étoile and Florence L'étoile had a namechange because the "é" is an invalid sign.

    It was changed into an usual "e" in both names. It still shows the old name in the list above - no idea why, I edited it but it lasts é :?

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 08.08.2008, 12:36

    I moved this here cause it's only about my chars:

    Huhu all^^

    You may notice that some of my chars left your guilds. Please don't worry about that. I just made a little change and rearranged my ladies.

    The married chars stay with their husbands in Stardust, the kiddies in crumbles and my single ladies I put together in a new guild.

    It is only for me to become a bit clearer what their wishes are and which development they will make.

    So no change in game, just guildname^^

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Strongitharm - 09.08.2008, 20:23

    Very civilised :)

    I'd suggest making a guild for all the single male chars - but you know what it would be like...

    Everyone would drink too much and no one would do the washing up, the laundry or throw out the empty bottles :D

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Cpt. Chaos - 12.08.2008, 19:29

    :loldev: :bia: :lol01

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Holiday - 12.08.2008, 20:28

    haha, yes, all girls' single lady can go sigi's new guild and you all guys's single male can go with new single male guild :lol01 Good luck cheers :bia:

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 30.06.2009, 18:55

    Just wondering why my sig isn't shown

    lol...there it is^^

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 20.03.2010, 13:22

    Storing my Sigs here^^


    My 1st 7 Ladies for my 7 years of RO

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 12.03.2011, 13:43

    MrDiablo has remade the charviewer and you can show yours again now by changing the link a bit:

    will become:

    when you change:
    leave out the ö

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 08.10.2011, 15:14

    Juhuuuuu we have got vcards again:

    Happy to see my chars back here soon^^
    (Greetz to all, sorry but I will be very busy until December...)

    Re: Sigi's Chaos-Girls (Odin-Update)

    Abderita - 27.12.2012, 20:47

    Another year has past...I hope you are all well, even if you don't play anymore.

    Have a nice one:

    I luuuuv that headgear XDDD


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