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    Re: Part found today

    Paul - 07.03.2007, 18:20

    Part found today
    Hi All,

    This morning I found another part at our beach. Dimensions of this broken off part are 31 x 7 cm. Holes in it have a diameter of approx. 4 cm. Color had been olive green chromate.
    Visible is a part of a number (?) 700 21 L
    Any ideas?


    Re: Part found today

    JanZ - 11.11.2007, 23:25

    Hi Paul, is it you, my long time friend from Netherlands?

    Re: Part found today

    Paul - 12.11.2007, 00:26

    Yep Jan, it's me, being a moderator here ! :cool:

    Re: Part found today

    MUCKS - 12.11.2007, 00:38

    Hi Paul.
    Something tells me B24 ,possible rudder or tail plane.Hopefully you may find another part no with prefix 32 that will confirm.

    Re: Part found today

    Paul - 12.11.2007, 01:23


    Planning to walk the beach tomorrow after the storm we had a few days ago...Hopefully I'll find something.


    Re: Part found today

    Paul - 12.11.2007, 22:50


    Didn't find anything today... :sad: Waiting for the next storm !



    Re: Part found today

    MUCKS - 13.11.2007, 01:41

    Hi Paul.
    Checked out my B24 diagram tonight and I think more on tail plane than rudder, and were joined with stringers which formed the leading edge of the tail plane.I recovered a simular peice some years ago on the beach from the crash site of my PB.Hope this helps :n108: .

    Re: Part found today

    Pathfinder - 13.11.2007, 07:29


    do you have the dimension of this part ?
    I have found too a similar part - but of Wellington IV crash site :roll:


    Later a photo, i´m on the way to work ;-)

    Re: Part found today

    Paul - 13.11.2007, 17:05


    Width of the part (side at where the holes are) is 7 cm. Holes are 3,9 cm.

    Re: Part found today

    Pathfinder - 18.11.2007, 19:52


    have found my part, but it looks not similar, because it is much smaller :n66: here I was on the wrong way ...


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