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    Re: Ts..?

    deadwood - 04.03.2007, 09:53

    Hello ppl.
    I'm just wondering why u ppl speak (chinese) sry German @ the ts-server when its an internationalclan..Its kind of weird when u play in same squad with non German players..
    Ps. just wanna say that its very nice to play with u guys,very nice server and good players...
    Take care ..

    Re: Ts..?

    Muh - 04.03.2007, 14:04

    sry for that we are 50/50 english/german we are trying to speak more english :)

    Re: Ts..?

    LordDogg - 04.03.2007, 14:16

    normally we speak german, because sometimes only germans are in the TS. but when there are some people which can`t speak german so we speak english ;)

    greets LordDogg

    Re: Ts..?

    M4KiLLer - 04.03.2007, 14:52

    i think its cos nobody can speek english *cough* muh *cough*
    and others!

    lol we try tho

    Re: Ts..?

    Maj_Yates - 06.03.2007, 13:04

    Language barrier
    Well well,
    we've got to a very good topic... Language barrier can be a very touchy issue.
    All I have to say that I had this situation before and people can overcome it. It's not mission impossible...

    To start off I have to say I agree with Lorddog: when there are German speaking guys in a team/squad they should of course speak their native tongue (unless they wanna practice...:)). When there is just one guy (like Dead or me) in a squad with the majority of German speakers German usually stays the language of communication and that is ABSOLUTELY OK (with me). Reason is because I'm a "minority" in the group and information flow between the parties remain quicker and more precise this way. If the information concernes me than the speaker will try to communicate with me to share the information... Plus we all understand the basic in German. "Watch out, left, right, above, below, behind, dead, medic" etc. are basic expressions and they are usually quick reactions from your team mates to warn you form imminent danger they want to look out for you. But these things come out quickly and naturaly in our Native tongues. I've cought myself saying "vigyázz" to my team mates in games before and after a wihle they knew that it meant "be aware, whatch out"... I'm not saying that everybody should learn everybody's language but to get used to each others way of communication.

    Sorry for being long winded, I think I could have explained better my opinion on this topic VERBALY... :)

    Last hint to Dead: if you hear the guys talking in German and you understand some expressions, just poke in a sentence related to the topic in English and I'm almost 100% sure that the guys will respond to you in English... ;)


    Re: Ts..?

    =LuxWraith= - 06.03.2007, 14:38


    i'll make an BRUNZ all luxembourgish squad

    *** cough *** waiting ... *** cough *** still waiting for other luxos to join ...

    :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Re: Ts..?

    deadwood - 06.03.2007, 19:22

    Well Yates thats true
    but it would be pretty weird if we all talk our own language.
    I dont understand a shit when u talk German,ofcourse i can speak swedish but i dont think that many would answer me....
    Im not mad or anything,but more english @ Ts would be nice...
    Over and Out ....

    Re: Ts..?

    Maj_Yates - 06.03.2007, 19:27

    Ough Lux , just be quiet!!!

    You speak at least four languages, so you can understand everybody and talk to everybody... I envy your situation... Here in Luxembourgh every time I wanted to do official business they would ASK ME what language I would prefer to do my business in (Lux, French, Ger, or English)... Always polite and always helpful people. You know I really wish people were the same in Hungary... Maybe when we will get to the same economical level our people start acting like your countrymen...


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