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    Re: Amanda Marshal

    Maraiah - 02.03.2007, 18:05

    Amanda Marshal
    Meine Lieblingssängerin. So starke Lieder - einfach klasse:

    Let It Rain:

    I have given, I
    have given and got none
    Still I'm driven by something I can't explain
    It's not a cross, it is a choice
    I cannot help but hear his voice
    I only wish that I could listen without shame

    Let it rain, let it rain on me
    Let it rain, oh let it rain
    Let it rain on me

    I have been a witness to the perfect crime
    I Wipe the grin off of my face to hide the blame
    It isn't worth the tears you cry
    To have a perfect alibi
    Now I'm beaten at the hands of my own game

    Let it rain, let it rain on me
    Let it rain, oh let it rain
    Let it rain on me

    It isn't easy to be kind
    With all these demons in my mind
    I only hope one day I'll be free

    I do my best not to complain
    My face is dirty from the strain
    I only hope one day I'll come clean

    Rain, let it rain on me
    Let it rain, oh let it rain
    Let it rain on me

    Come take my hand
    We can walk to the light
    And without fear
    We can see through the darkest night

    Rain, rain on me
    Let it rain, oh let it rain
    Let it rain on me


    Re: Amanda Marshal

    Maraiah - 02.03.2007, 18:33

    Marry Me

    I wanna laugh
    Until I cry
    Wake up with you each day 'til the day that I die
    Let's go to New Orleans
    And watch the parade
    Take funny pictures, eat jambalaya and drink lemonade

    And when the day is finally over
    We stumble home
    Before we sleep
    Baby, marry me

    I wanna drive
    'Til we get lost
    Lie in a field staring up at the sky
    While you point out the Southern Cross
    And somehow I know
    Without asking why
    That you love me more in a minute
    Than anyone could in a lifetime

    Dancing in the parking lot
    While the band plays inside
    Sweep me off my feet
    Baby, marry me

    We don't need no preacher man
    Readin' from the Good Book
    And I don't want no fancy dress
    Ain't no ceremony for the vows that I took
    From the moment I met you
    I have been blessed...

    So let's make a toast
    And drink up the wine
    Here's to you lying here next to me
    Until the end of time

    Wherever you are
    I wanna be
    And anything that means anything to ya
    Means everything to me

    Sneakin' out the back door
    While they're throwin' the rice
    And they'll talk for weeks
    But we're all we need

    So baby, if you're free
    Marry me...
    Baby, marry me...
    Marry me...

    Re: Amanda Marshal

    kind der sonne - 16.03.2007, 18:48

    Vor kurzem war ich spazieren, mit meine iPod auf "shuffle". Ich setzte mich an die Krems, sah ins Wasser, zündete mir eine Zigarette an und bat darum, dass das nächste Lied mir ein Zeichen geben sollte, was ich weiter tun sollte.

    Es folgte "I believe - von Amanda Marshall" :)

    Re: Amanda Marshal

    Maraiah - 17.03.2007, 10:03

    und Live:

    Somewhere theres a river
    Looking for a stream
    Somewhere theres a dreamer
    Looking for a dream
    Somewhere theres a drifter
    Trying to find his way
    Somewhere someones waiting
    To hear somebody say

    I believe in you
    I cant even count the ways that
    I believe in you
    And all I want to do is help you to
    Believe in you

    Somewhere theres an angel
    Trying to earn his wings
    Somewhere theres a silent voice
    Learning how to sing
    Some of us cant move ahead
    Were paralyzed with fear
    And everybodys listening
    cause we all need to hear

    I will hold you up
    I will help you stand
    I will comfort you when you need a friend
    I will be the voice thats calling out

    I believe in you
    I cant even count the ways that
    I believe in you
    And all I want to do is show you
    I believe in you
    And there are just so many ways that
    I believe in you
    Baby, what else can I do but believe in you - believe in you
    All I want to know is you believe - believe in you

    Re: Amanda Marshal

    Lonny - 17.03.2007, 23:31


    ...........nun ist hier bei mir alles nass

    Re: Amanda Marshal

    Maraiah - 18.03.2007, 10:43

    Lonny hat folgendes geschrieben: .....

    ...........nun ist hier bei mir alles nass


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