Where can i play this ASTONISHING map? ...

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    Re: Where can i play this ASTONISHING map? ...

    V I O L A D O R - 23.02.2007, 18:57

    Where can i play this ASTONISHING map? ...
    Hello,... i am from Mexico,... here we play this map, but we´re only five players,.. maybe in the future we will be more,...

    ... so Where can we play this map?,... we have a mexican Server,.. its name Gamenet,... maybe you can add it with the BNetGatewayEditor:

    Nombre: Gamenet
    Zone: -6
    IP: war3.gnetds.com

    ... and play with us,.. because we need play against pro players,...

    ... you can answer me taakj@hotmail.com ,... i hope your answer


    Re: Where can i play this ASTONISHING map? ...

    Lyncor - 24.02.2007, 09:43

    If you're able to access the main Battle.Net servers, I highly recommend popping onto US East (Azeroth).

    If you would like to play against some skilled players, join channel "Clan KoNL". We'll do our best to give you a good fight :)

    That said, for SL, US East and Europe are the two best servers to go on. I'm biased, in that I think that US East is better because that's the one that KoNL's on - but hey, shop around. See what you like. You'll probably get less lag/delay from US East than from Europe, though.

    If you can't join the channel, then try /whois and/or /w on the following players:

    Lyncor, Skirn, RoboFerret, Reaper21, ShadowPhoenix, Kai_Okarian, Bob_Dole_Says, SketchOfNight, TemariOfTheWind, Viziroth, 044anton.

    They're some of KoNL's most active members. Chances are that at least -one- of them will be online for you to talk to.

    Re: Where can i play this ASTONISHING map? ...

    V I O L A D O R - 24.02.2007, 19:42

    Wombat,... Gamenet
    Really bad for me,... i can´t get the original version of warcraft III yet,... maybe in two or three months.

    That´s to bad,.. because i suppose that all of you like play in Battle.net,... me too but in Servers that let me enter with the no original version,.. like Wombat and Gamenet,... Gamenet is a Mexican Server.

    Well,... some day i will be in original Servers and maybe i will play against you,... but only me,.. because my friends i don´t think that they will buy the original version.

    SEE YOU THEN ...


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