itemloss durch engine.exe?
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    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Eder - 04.02.2007, 19:04

    itemloss durch engine.exe?
    i tried it several times ingame but since there were no solutions i try to explain it here once again. i had an acc "Eder" which worked well all the time with full g70 and blabla but the day before yesterday i got an engine.exe error and by relogging i ahd lost all my stuff except that i was wearing. i got some money from a friend of mine then and bought some new stuff and while that the next engine.exe came. i relogged and all was gone again. so far i lost sth. around 100kk and a full inventory. so i decided to make a new acc(EdeR) coz i thought maybe its the acc which is buggy. i sent my armor via f/l to my new char and everything was fine so far. i went to d3 for getting some g75 drops and got 5-6 pieces and 2 weapons. i logged out and made the new update and i logged in again and although i am still wearing g75 on the login screen all is gone out of my inventory. and of course i got another engine.exe and most of my stuff is gone again. means around 200kk all the speedups, rb´s,scrolls and that crap. i sold one piece of my armor and was on it to rebuy my stuff when i got another engine.exe and all was gone again. i hope u understand why i am really pissed off now. someone could help me? i am really very patient and almost never complain but it doesnt make sense for me to start hunting for drops when i lose them all the time.... :shock: :shock: :shock:
    maybe u can pm me here...thx



    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Blacky - 04.02.2007, 22:21

    Engine = Itemlost.
    mh. Whats ure ingamename?
    I will pm u^^
    so i can give u stuff etc....

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Eder - 04.02.2007, 22:24

    ok cool thx a lot m8,
    my ingame name is EdeR. but isnt there a way to fix that? coz it isnt our fault if some damn kalhackit noob crashes the server with that bullshit all the time. no way to ban them?

    i´ll tell u then when i am on.

    eder :lol: :lol:

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Powilaz - 05.02.2007, 17:42

    My story is similar.... I was fighting... And started getting engine errors... Ok I said It's enough for today (lvled pretty normally, finally reached ranks...) So quited kal... everything looked normally.. and Today I log-in.. and what do I see??? OMG, everything is gone :O My g75 boots, g70 2h pimped giant... and other good stuff + like 70mil or smth... In-game Powilaz... If any1 can help me, I would really appreaciate it... :)

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Blacky - 05.02.2007, 23:20

    All items re deleted.
    to get new items create a new acc ...and then send the stuff to ure mainchar

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Powilaz - 06.02.2007, 23:08

    Yeah, yeah.. ty no... You could warn us or smth... now thank you, my old kal playing story is ended... ty all ;) "create a new char.... " bla bla bla... would be easier to make a wipe... and now.. what about ppl with g75's and g70 armors... Oh they did nothing to get it... BLA BLA BLA....
    Have a nice day with Zell's server (even nick is stolen from legendary Ban-go Zell)

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Blacky - 07.02.2007, 00:42

    i didnt know it too...
    And the droprate for g75 isnt so high as u think!

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    Dior - 07.02.2007, 00:51

    i played with Darklor 8 hours in d3f8 and we are not full g75 i need archer gloves and shorts to be full(and darklor too)

    Re: itemloss durch engine.exe?

    atholius - 13.03.2007, 19:04

    I KILED " MOSNTER NAD THEN DROP G/75MAGE ADN I AHVE ( I THINK I HAVE SOEM G/% ) in game podrok or atholius

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