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    Re: [lyrical overdose] to be continued...

    the_hydrA - 04.02.2007, 13:59

    [lyrical overdose] to be continued...
    Danse Du Ventre

    Mi ideal idolatrous mistress
    The show is about to begin
    My petite picturesque princess
    The light is on now cut your strings...

    I sense your heart
    It's trembling like the beat-machine
    Your blood is tempting like new art obscene
    Your skin is smashing and exploding
    Under the french maid costume, sodden

    Your beauty is blushing and in bloom
    When you're dancing I'm dancing with you
    We're so bright and young and cunning
    We're the golden lights at night, we're stunning

    Tease me witth your hellish hair
    Feed me with the snow you snort
    Everything you need to wear
    Are silk satin sugar shorts
    Look into my eyes, they're exquisite
    The sky is erotic and you make me believe it
    There is nothing to ask and no love to parade
    Immerse in the oceans, turn our hearts into spades


    I'm addicted to your world
    So don't smash me out
    I wanna love you till it hurts
    So fervent that I killed all doubts
    Our little depraved lives are all we need
    Oh my underworld temptress, shake your hips and shout
    Tonight we're infinite, nobody knows about
    Our arcane night music and we're dancing to it


    Give me your liquids to delete my pains
    Open your luminous chest
    I don't want your sweet champaign
    Let me suck the blood off your breasts
    We are the leaders of the nightclub named hyperesthesia
    And you're not allowed to enter unless you're a hootchy-kootchy belly-dancer
    We are the heirs of Poe, Wilde and Gypsy Lee Rose
    We eradicate chastity with an artistique overdose

    The colder the night becomes
    The more intensive we spark
    The sweeter and warmer your humps
    The wilder we get in the dark
    From Paris to Venice and back to Berlin
    Impossible to control any of our sins
    You indicate me as I intimate you
    Get off your corset, I affire you, too

    Nobody can stop us now from stripteasing your mind
    Nobody has to show us how to cocaine kids of your kind
    For our spades are black, our hearts only grey
    But you'll adore us, anyway

    My ever endearing mistress
    The show is about to begin
    My elegant erogenous princess
    The light is off now cut your strings


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