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    Re: Best guitar

    Rocky Balboa - 31.01.2007, 22:29

    Best guitar
    Well guys, there's a question to you. Who is the best of those guitarists? I had to leave some of good guitar players, but I think that there are the chosen best ones.
    I vote for Rhandy Roads, he played with Ozzy Osbourne. He was a young promise that will never know where he'll could arrive, 'cause died in 1982.
    I hope that Jimi Hendrix won't be the chosen one, I'll never understand why people says that he is the most memorable guitarist. I saw a lot of videos, and, well, isn't bad, but, I think that nearly the entire list is better than him, and believe that I heared a lot of solos...

    Now it's your turn. Vote!!

    Re: Best guitar

    Danath - 03.02.2007, 22:29

    You gotta know who voted for Yngwie hehe :mrgreen:

    I love his style. I have heard some of their albums and I have enjoyed them a LOT. They say he repeats himself over the years, but if he is happy retaining the same style....the more I am hearing it!! :wink:

    It's really difficult to chose from that list,really. And I don't understand the love for Hendrix, too...maybe he introduced a new style? Don't know.

    Re: Best guitar

    Rall Schorrdas - 06.02.2007, 00:27


    Okay. Maybe the steadyness of my answer has to do wtih the fact, that he grew up only ten minutes footway from my place. But he is definitly really great.



    Re: Best guitar

    Kamil - 28.03.2007, 20:46

    I vote for Yngwie, i love his guitar style;) Maybe he's repeating himself, but in his music style (neoclassical) there's no to many ways to complicate songs i think.

    And i also can't understand love for Hendrix.

    I wish that few other name's coul be listed... I mean Grapow, Becker, Petrucci... They are also great.

    Re: Best guitar

    Graehaus - 29.09.2007, 12:14

    I picked Yngwie, I respect all the ones listed, but Yngwie finger work is insane. Watched him at a G3 concert . Randy is a very close choice, tho he was taken too soon, and we never will see where he was going, sadly.
    Jimi is odd, I like him and dislike him. great guitar player, but short of a few songs, I don't care much for him, again, taken away too soon to see where he would of ended up. tho bonus points, he is a lefty, like

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