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    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Anonymous - 16.01.2007, 12:34

    Application for the Tribe
    Greetings Tribe members!

    1. My name is Seaf, i am a knight at the lvl of 66, and i was born a very long time ago in Thais when the waters in the west of Thais werent explored yet. Nobody knew there was an island called Rookgard. But i was there already. I travelled all over the world and finally found myself in the mines of Kazoordoon. I stayed there for a long period, and used to hunt these little monsters. But they must have made me feel sick, and i had to retire for 3 years. Finally i am fine again and back. And stronger as ever before. My new hometown is Thais again from where i go for a hunt through the whole world. ( i am a bit afraid of these dwarves...)

    2./3. When i came back from my retirement i met my very old friend Aladin. We went for several hunts and had a lot fun together, when i suddenly wanted to know more about his guild, The Tribe. He told me that you are not about to join any fight, ( that's what i am looking for) and that you help other travellers and adventurers that need to be helped. This is a very generous act of behaviour and i admire it. As said, i want to join the tribe because of its neutral position and the act of helping people who need to be helped.

    4. You should recruit me because i am a knight who still shows the respect to other travellers and helps where he can. You should recruit me because i am not about to start a fight or anything, but to solve matters friendly. You should recruit me because we will have a lot of fun hunting or exploring or just chatting in the guild channel. :D You should recruit me because Aladin would be very sad if i wasn't allowed to join the guild! :D

    5. I expect to go for hunts or training sessions with members and enjoy the chatting in the guild channel. And i expect that we have a lot of fun and take care of each other...

    Real Life:

    Greetings guys, I am 23 years old, and i play Tibia since 97. I am from Austria, Styria, Graz / South-West Styria. I'm pursuing teaching certification in English and Sports. In my free time i love to go skiing or playing football. I like to play Tibia because i know some people for a long time and its always exciting getting to know new people.

    Take care out there. Thank you for your consideration...

    Expect the worst and hope for the best...

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Juda escarlate - 17.01.2007, 22:18

    Hello there, as I stated to the other aplicant we will work on our current fosterlings and stop recruiting at the moment.

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Haddix - 18.01.2007, 09:05

    Feel free to message me with any questions you have. :wink:

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Anonymous - 24.01.2007, 12:36

    Greetings Tribe members and leaders...

    Sadly I didnt have much time the last few days / weeks, because of exam weeks at university... But i keep on trying to msg you haddix...

    Take care out there...


    Expect the worst and hope for the best...

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Tribal - 26.01.2007, 04:29

    Something about the Tribe that many aren't aware of.. is a certain virtue of ours we carry. That virtue is patience. You seem like someone who the Tribe might be interested in getting to know more about. We understand your circumstances.

    Good luck,

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Menelaos - 30.01.2007, 13:04

    Quote: I am from Austria, Styria, Graz / South-West Styria .
    You know Storm Lord?

    Re: Application for the Tribe

    Menelaos - 19.02.2007, 00:05

    Sorry, Seaf, but votes went against you.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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