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    Re: Welcome to our HnB Guild Forum

    ajovan - 19.12.2006, 01:24

    Welcome to our HnB Guild Forum
    hello everyone, ok made this forum for all our things, i will add everything you want to talk about, trading, hints, private guild or council discussions. You just have to register i will add you then.

    May the force be with us all.


    Re: Welcome to our HnB Guild Forum

    Kyala - 25.01.2007, 02:57

    Not fair...
    Not Fair Aj, you and zuar mention me in the jedi coucil thead but I'm locked out from replying... :cry:

    No fair

    Re: Welcome to our HnB Guild Forum

    ajovan - 26.01.2007, 01:49

    Oh iam sorry, but i didnt said anything against you Kyala, that was just an answer. Dont wanted to bother you with this, it just show my momentary view of things in this way, but thats way to far personal to explain here. So i feel sorry if you feel bad about this Post. I have removed it.

    Sorry again,


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