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    Re: I want join in guild

    Anonymous - 14.12.2006, 14:47

    I want join in guild
    I'm knight 30 - 70/70

    and I want join in tribe

    I have 2 friends in guild tribe...

    Juda Escalarte and Novato knight...

    but I have one guild now, if you want join me in guild talk with me in Tibia

    Thank you

    Re: I want join in guild

    Hugh Black - 14.12.2006, 20:14

    Hello traveller,

    I think you better find yourself another guild, if you want to make a serious effort to join, we'll be here to read it.

    Good luck


    Re: I want join in guild

    Moonie - 15.12.2006, 08:19

    Is there a story behind you, Tech Cuchi? Your application doesn't tell us much about who you are, where you're going or where you'd like to be in the future. These are very important things if you wish to join us.

    Re: I want join in guild

    Juda escarlate - 15.12.2006, 15:47

    Hello Tech.

    I have told you to read the stiky "How to apply" in game, don't just write something in 2 minutes like you have done. You also need a decent control of english language, what you don't seem to have. I suggest you aply in the future when you think you are prepared to write something with a good effort.


    Re: I want join in guild

    Novato Knight - 16.12.2006, 22:07

    I am not impressed and I guess none is.

    Put more effort on it, follow the steps on "How to Apply" and if you wish try to post a new application later.


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