more spaaam :D

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    Re: more spaaam :D

    Tarkas - 12.12.2006, 21:57

    more spaaam :D
    yo 8)

    more spaaaaaaamm! :>

    I got a notice to this forum here so I stopped by to say helloo :>

    hey all! hi Godsent :D long time since last, except when I met u ingame.. used to play with that guy :)
    I bet Sproda will be reading this too.. hi ^^ oh.. I saw some msg from Zana :) heey :!:

    and now, ofc, heeeej Lisaaa :D :D
    I jsut had to :>

    maybe see u in game sometime soon again :twisted:

    :shock: bye :>

    Re: more spaaam :D

    [GD]L!sa - 12.12.2006, 22:41

    taaajkaas.. my brother from another mother! :o
    welcome here, its always good to have u around! :)

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