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    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Muh - 12.12.2006, 03:13

    Desktop 1024x768

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 20.12.2006, 14:39

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Kangal - 07.01.2007, 21:24


    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    ravenrider - 07.01.2007, 21:37

    kangal this comes from deviantart that wallpaper :D

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 07.01.2007, 22:35

    my desktop in my mac:

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    ravenrider - 07.01.2007, 22:35

    srr to double post dot know how to edit my previously post :D

    M4KiLLer time contorl aint that such a program to control the computer usage of kids by the parents?

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 08.01.2007, 08:27

    np. we can delete it anyway if u double post.
    erm. yea it is. im not allowed to play from 14:00 to 18:00 cos i got to do my school stuff then! :D bit stupid actually. :roll:

    where do you find things like that from deviantart??

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    ravenrider - 09.01.2007, 20:51

    omg ur into graphix and you dont know deviantart?

    o well go to and pick a category like here wallpaper and to have the great ones you ust orden them with popular.
    very easy to upload ur stuff there to and make a little portfolio

    for mine go to

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 09.01.2007, 21:15

    of course i know deviant art!
    just couldnt ever find somehintg like that
    :lol: lol.

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    ravenrider - 09.01.2007, 23:57

    o lol, i just rember that guy with medican in his back because it was my first wallpaper from it :D

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Master_Crazy - 06.03.2007, 16:02

    the sims shit is not mine so you know! :)
    it's my sisters!

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 06.03.2007, 17:19

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH RUN AWAY!! GOGOGO I NEED A MEDIC HERE :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    =LuxWraith= - 06.03.2007, 17:24

    ravenrider wrote: well go to www,

    thanks for link to a very nice site

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    SHeepSH00ter - 06.03.2007, 19:14


    overload desktop, i know :D

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    SHeepSH00ter - 06.03.2007, 19:16

    fucccc offffff i dont really work with this damn "paint"....

    mega verzerrt :(

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 06.03.2007, 22:11

    lol cool anyway.
    Ferrari 599 GTB is the best! Its so sleak and cute :o :roll: :)

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    SHeepSH00ter - 06.03.2007, 23:16

    it isnt bad...but the Koenigsegg CC8S, CCR, CCX, CCXR are better than any other car in the world, and the fastest serien production car:-) isnt official but the builder drive with it over 410 Km/h....faster than this damn Bugatti Veyron 16.4

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Master_Crazy - 07.03.2007, 11:11

    no.... Viper GTS!!! or muscle cars!!!

    thats good cars!

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 07.03.2007, 15:15

    i like the 599 GTB

    :) :)

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    biathlonstar - 07.03.2007, 21:19

    Why do you show all my cars :?: :?:

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    SHeepSH00ter - 07.03.2007, 21:32

    @ bithlon i know u got all this cars from "match box" or Siku"...

    @ master, american cars are too sports cars... u make the pics by urself? Koenigsegg is a nice Swedish company

    @M4 yeah Ferrari is the best...but Koenigsegg is at place second :D

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 07.03.2007, 22:13

    Its so SWEEEETT and CUUUUUTE and tiny :o :o

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    LordDogg - 08.03.2007, 02:56

    Here is my Desktop

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    Master_Crazy - 08.03.2007, 10:46

    hey bruno that 599 gtb looks almost like an Lotus Elise! :o


    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    M4KiLLer - 08.03.2007, 15:20

    lol ur right :D
    but its sweeter and cooler :o :o :lol: :lol:

    Re: Desktop 1024x768

    biathlonstar - 08.03.2007, 15:42

    Lord of the Rings FTW :!:

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