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    Re: I'm just curious...

    Martyrium - 23.10.2004, 03:56

    I'm just curious...
    Does anyone here plays chess?

    So i'm a geek, fuck it. :cool:

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Rekkr - 23.10.2004, 04:13

    :) I play chess, but not on the computer.

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Hrist - 23.10.2004, 04:16

    chess, that is a funny game, too bad i haven't really understood it yet. but yeah, i have played it two or more times. and it is funny, although i loose every single game, hahaha. :cool:

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Martyrium - 23.10.2004, 04:27

    Rekkr wrote: :) I play chess, but not on the computer.

    why not???

    yeah, i took me a while to win one game...

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Lord Corum - 23.10.2004, 11:10

    Chess is the game of the Kings, so you don't have to ask if I play it or not... :P

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Telchar - 23.10.2004, 11:59

    He doesn´t play it :wink:

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Dragoness - 23.10.2004, 12:14

    I also play it...but not on the computer either...it's better when the person you're playing with is sitting in front of you and you can wath her thinking, hehe.
    Anyway: I love that game...but haven't played it for quite a while.

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Martyrium - 23.10.2004, 18:19

    *wants to play right now*

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Viperion - 23.10.2004, 18:21

    I even took some clases when I was a kid hehehe, but it's been a long while since I left it and havent played it :(

    anyway, someday I have to get back to it so... will be nice to play with U bro :wink:

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Hieronimus - 25.10.2004, 15:27

    I suck at chess :hiero:

    Re: I'm just curious...

    baladon - 26.10.2004, 15:24

    i like chess too! didn't play it for a long time! but i'd like to play it again! maybe one day we'll set a great chess-chalange with some bros'/sis'


    Re: I'm just curious...

    Martyrium - 26.10.2004, 17:12

    Yeah, we can play in Yahoo or something, that would be just great!! (i'll be here the next 3 hours, if someone wants to play/has time...)

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Hol Drengr - 07.11.2004, 16:14

    I was never a fan of chess... But will always love strategic games.

    Re: I'm just curious...

    Viperion - 09.11.2004, 08:59


    he will be glad to play chess with U everytime U ask him for it ;)

    just tell him that Gustavo gave U his contact ;)

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