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    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Kilew - 17.08.2007, 22:15

    Joining Application For Kilew.

    My charter's name is Kilew. Ihave been playing tibia for 5 years give or take. i have herd about your giuld meany times. i have herd or you giuld from my real life brother(Volcan), my real life friend (wongwok) and from my game mother and father (Dad=Mavur, Mom=Milla Arken). I would like to join the tribe because i have herd it is a very go and honorable giuld.I think you should recruit me because i am starting to take this game a littel more attenshen. i hope you can expect only good thing from my like i sed i am trying a lot harder to lvl now that i have a reson to and trying to get a littel stroger every day. i realy do not expect eneything from you but your trust. i know i will give mine to you.

    My name is Kyle Davis and i am 15 years old. i am from Springfield Massachusets and i am a full bred American and proude to be one. i am just about the same as every one els. i like to play football. and meany other sport. i have played football for 5 years now going on 6 years. :)

    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Moonie - 17.08.2007, 23:17

    Good to see you again, Kilew. Good luck with your application :-)

    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Menelaos - 18.08.2007, 17:24

    Beside your spelling, you have good references.
    Try to talk to the members.

    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Anonymous - 18.08.2007, 18:56

    Menelaos wrote: Beside your spelling, you have good references.
    Try to talk to the members.

    sorry about my spelling i have a few rl problems:P


    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Anonymous - 19.08.2007, 02:13

    Hehe yeah besides spelling(even though he spells dyslexia perfectly ;]), he's a good kid and he has actually gained like 6 levels in the last few weeks :P
    Kyle you should make up a role-playing story and talk to some members ;D
    Don't worry about spelling though, if I were that truly worried bout your spelling I'd have killed you a long long time ago :D

    Have fun dude :P I hope you gather some attention :)

    Re: Joining Application For Kilew.

    Wongwok - 19.08.2007, 02:15

    Crap lol way to go me! I posted the last post without logging in (LOL)


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