An old knight returns.

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    Re: An old knight returns.

    Anonymous - 17.08.2007, 20:03

    An old knight returns.
    Hey there,

    As some of you perhaps know me and some of you dont.
    Well I'm an old knight who thinks about re-joining... Cuz i really miss the old days ;(
    When i started to get an private talk with Kalewyn, and I've asked how it was going with the tribe she said great :)... We talked a little about it and she made me think about it to rejoin.

    Here is my aaplication,

    1) Who are you?
    * I'm Knight-roy, an lvl 53 Knight.

    2) How and what have you heard of the Tribe?
    * As i already said i want to rejoin, But i will answer it again.
    I did not hear anything from the tribe, which is a good sign...
    hidden in the hills, have alot of fun with eachother.
    Also almost everyone accept the old tribe :)

    3) Why do you want to join the Tribe and not some other guild?
    * Cuz the tribe is and always have been an guild with alot of respect.

    4) Why should we recruit you, what can we expect from you?
    * Well you can just expect from me what i did in the beginning ;)
    I'm always there for the one who needed me.

    5) What do you expect from us?
    * I do not expect from you, I just want to have alot of fun again.

    6) How old are you?
    * I'm currently 17 years old in real.

    7) Where are you from?
    * I"m from the Netherlands

    8) Who are you?
    * I'm just an guy who likes playing tibia and chat with friends:)
    Also an old knight that wants the old days back.

    Well i hope you guys enjoyed while reading my application.
    Just an old knight

    Take care,

    Re: An old knight returns.

    Kalewyn - 17.08.2007, 20:08

    It was fun talking to you, good luck with your application! :)

    Re: An old knight returns.

    Anonymous - 17.08.2007, 20:13

    Hey there,

    Thank you very much.
    Hope to see you soon in the guildchannel :)

    Take care,

    Re: An old knight returns.

    Mennorin - 17.08.2007, 23:56

    Register on the forum.
    It makes responding easier.
    Otherwise we see you as "guest".

    Thanks for the application.
    We'll take it into consideration.

    With kind regards,

    Re: An old knight returns.

    Anonymous - 18.08.2007, 08:11

    Hey there,

    Thanks for telling it me.
    I made an account on this forum.

    Take care,

    Re: An old knight returns.

    Knight-roy - 18.08.2007, 08:12

    sorry forget to logg in

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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