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    Re: Is Walt coming to Gor ?

    Windsweptgold - 24.07.2007, 01:17

    Is Walt coming to Gor ?
    Today I enter a gorean sim and what do i see but a group of mercs and most were women. Women can not beat a man why go into gor if you want to twist it so much i dont get it. If women want to have AVs as tall as the men then go start an amazon Sim.

    Why do people come to gor if they want to change it so much ?
    I dont go to the Vamp sims why cause it is not me and i will not go there and say hey change this cause it is now how i want to RP.

    The other day a girl came to the city was caught and she wanted to be a slave why ? well she gets off on being beaten and killed so how can one RP with this one as a slave?
    As I see it you cant for someone that wants to be beaten punishing them whipping will not work you are rewarding their actions and few can think of other ways to punish

    Some say its fine they come to gor to have fun so let them do as they want so is there no other RP the women can go to to fight?
    Gor is not easy for me I am a Domme in real so being subservient to men is somewhat of a struggle but i do it why cause it is the way of gor.

    Re: Is Walt coming to Gor ?

    Melinda - 04.08.2007, 09:53

    Tal Lady,

    This is a can of worms you opened, lol, not surprised there is no answers provided.

    Is nto only in other sims, Panthers flying tarns, panthers in a city, slaves roaming allover mouthing off, Warriors that attach in safe zones without reasons and patted on the head...and etc etc etc...ohh yes ...physicians that want to give sip root to heal a tummy ache...yep..all this seen is not the museum of the horrors..but that is me...

    Hang in there...


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