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    Re: Nesto za plz

    Melchior - 25.11.2005, 20:47

    Nesto za plz
    ovo je bilo objavljeno prije nego sto je mene i jos par vlasnik jedne stranice banao... :lol: ...
    izvinite sto je na engleskom...uskoro cu objavit i na srpskom nesto... :D

    moj stih....

    Don't ever contemplate what you can't possibly demonstrate/
    Fraudulent promises disintegrate into dust but y’all still blind to the mistakes he made/
    U’ve created circle of hatred, how can u hallucinate about gettin respect when u just another figurehead/
    Verbally, I’ll easily eliminate u and your lil teammate leavin ya lost in this fuckin WB masquerade/
    GREAT lyricists banned by a second-RATE writer hoppin that’s the way he’ll obtain the net fame/
    Obviously failed to maintain your dignity by lame attacks on a people u removed from your terrain/
    Conclusion from your last rhyme – ‘cyanide’ resources depleted perfectly explains dickridin on Stryk’9/
    Reincarnated Judas in your soul residez – factz replaced with usual liez, carefully designed ‘behind enemy linez’/
    Divine wordz become ‘Alive’ – transformed into knivez paintin scarz changing your facial expression/
    Similar to dictator Neron burning his ‘city’ while ‘citizenz’ actin like spectatorz afraid to ask questions/
    Truth Discovered with 10 ‘shots’ I fired, lightin up the night like 4th of July announcing your net carrier has expired/
    Victim hospitalized with zero chance to survive – fuck it casket’s closed another owner retired/

    Re: Nesto za plz

    2iggy - 26.11.2005, 18:18

    i like that

    Re: Nesto za plz

    Melchior - 27.11.2005, 01:35


    Re: Nesto za plz

    Melchior - 02.12.2005, 20:45

    ajde probudite se ljudi :D :D

    Re: Nesto za plz

    2iggy - 03.12.2005, 12:19

    ma samo opushteno,dace ljudi coment,nego su sad malo dobili STONDilozu!kekek

    Re: Nesto za plz

    Melchior - 03.12.2005, 12:24


    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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