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    Re: Hi from Hilden

    Lollimops - 03.04.2005, 01:23

    Hi from Hilden
    hi i'm Martin a.k.a. Zkufunt a.k.a. Lollimops

    i live in Hilden and i go on the "Berufs Kolleg" with rhuN and some others ^^

    i like all kinds of music but i mostly like Deutsch Punk,Speed Metal,Trash Metal and Death Metal

    i don't like gothics and gothic music

    they think they are strong when they want to punch someone who is alone or just with a friend standing there and says "gothic is crap" and i also don't like wannabe skinheads like "Gabba Glatzen" well i call them like this

    Re: Hi from Hilden

    rhuN - 03.04.2005, 03:54

    hey, thanks you've also introduced yourself finally :)

    you know, have fun and feel free in here (, but, concerning your gothic statement...before posting things like that you should know that you have to prove what you say....thus you could open up a topic about this and then we'll see what happens....this board is for MUSIC-discussion, so let's do that ok)

    Re: Hi from Hilden

    DBJ - 08.04.2005, 02:25

    Hello Lollimops, I'm DBJ from the U.S. Glad to see you here. I look forward to your posts. Your friend has a good thing here, kick back, have fun. :D :D

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