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Re: Eminem's Secret Sister

nici2280 - 04.01.2005, 11:38
Eminem's Secret Sister
- Sarah begs rap star to see her

This is the secret sister of controversial rap star EMINEM. Sarah Mathers has never met her famous older brother because he refuses to have anything to do with her.

She has written to him and called him dozens of times but he has never even acknowledged her existence.

So today, she's turned to us to see if we can persuade her big bruv to meet her.

"This is the first time I have spoken about being Marshalls sister" she said. "After all these years trying to get in touch, I just don't know what else to do."

And waitress Sarah who lives in a tiny studio flat, wants to make it clear that she is not after her brother's millions.

She said "I don't want his money or fame, he should know that by now"

"I don't want to know Eminem or Slim Shady, I just want to know Marshall, my brother"

Sarah, 23, and Marshall,32, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, have the same father, Marshall Bruce Mathers, but different mums.

Eminem has also shunned his dad after he walked out on him and his mum Debbie when he was a baby.

Sarah, who also has a brother called Michael,always knew she had another brother, but she only found out by chance after a family member commented that Michael was the double of Eminem.

But the closest Sarah and Michael, who are from San Diego, California, got to the rapper was at one of his concerts. They convinced a bouncer to let them go backstage and got right up to his tour bus.

Heartbroken Sarah said:"I'm sure Marshall saw us through the window but he never came out to speak to us. It was so upsetting"

But she says she understands why Eminem has snubbed her so far. She said: "I'm not surprised - there's a lot of family coming out of the woodwork now he's famous. But if it was me, I would want to meet any long lost family"

Eminem has recently started to build bridges with his mum Debbie after a huge fall-out and Sarah hopes he'll soon be ready to reach out to her too.

She added: "The only thing I can do now is wait and hope for him to make the next move"

Source: antikim board (News of the World UK (original))

Re: Eminem's Secret Sister

nici2280 - 25.01.2005, 12:34

Grandma Understands Why Em Won't Meet Secret Sister
Posted on Sunday, January 23 @ 23:45:16 CST by MusicMan

Star magazine spoke with Eminem's grandmother Betty Kresin after complaints in the press from Sarah Mathers, who says she is the rapper's half-sister and Em refuses to meet her. "I don't blame Marshall for being skeptical of these 'Johnny-come-latelies," Kresin said. "They twist it to make it seem like Marshall is the bad guy for nto wanting to establish relationships with them, but why should he?" Kresin added, "Now that he's a multimillionaire, everyone who has any sort of family connection wants a piece of him."

Source: antikim board
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