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    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    DFD - 19.08.2007, 17:27

    I'm not in a hurry for my cash or anything, but as I couldn't reach you in-game, I would just like to note to have my cash (when you have it) dropped into my house, or passed on to Wongwok, whichever works. My house is Wood Avenue 2, under the name of my paladin right now (Zantx).

    Thanks, and its great to see the GH being recovered. :)

    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    Menelaos - 19.08.2007, 20:40

    Thanks for your support.
    Your money will be returned to you asap.
    It is our greatest concern.

    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    Hugh Black - 21.08.2007, 11:38

    Hello DFD,

    The total amount of your lended money is transferred to Wongwok's account. Thank you again for your kind and generous help in this matter.


    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    DFD - 23.08.2007, 15:51

    That was quick :]

    Once again, congratulations on getting the guildhall back, and if you may excuse me for a small request, but would it be possible for an invitation to the guildhall some day just for a quick tour for map data?

    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    Wongwok - 23.08.2007, 21:08

    Hey Dfd,

    I don't think that will be any trouble to arrange =)


    Re: @Mennorin/leaders

    Haltan - 23.08.2007, 22:02

    That would not be any trouble at all. I would be happy to show you around.


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