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    Re: What is your background?

    Denis - 31.07.2007, 00:04

    What is your background?
    I read all of the posts on this forum and I was wondering what is your background for recovering aircraft and parts?

    I myself was a member of the Essex Aviation Group from 1979 through to 1985. And was involved in the recovery of many aircraft in the South East of England during those years. But as time was limited with family commitments & work, I unfortunately had to stop assisting on the organised digs and drifted away from the group.

    Now I am an avid airfield walker and find my items either following the plough, or digging about in ditches behind old dispersal areas ;) So, do you fellows belong to organised recovery groups, or are you individuals who spend most of your time probing the undergrowth on a hunch? :D

    Re: What is your background?

    MUCKS - 31.07.2007, 00:54

    Hi Denis.
    I have been researching a PB4Y-1 (named Mucks Mauler) that crashed 2 mins after take off and crashed at base of cliffs at Watergate at RAF ST MAWGAN. NEWQUAY. CORNWALL.I search the beach and rock pools at low tide in the winter months when the sand drops at least 2 to 3 feet because of the ground seas and recover parts as there exposed.I have been doing this for the last 23 years. At 57 i know I'm sad :D but it keeps me off the streets,I do this on my own as a hobbyand have built up a dossier surrounding this crash and history ;)
    Hope this explains. Martin

    Re: What is your background?

    Paul - 31.07.2007, 11:27

    Hi Folks,

    During the time I still was a member of the Dutch Aircraft Recovery Group '40 - '45 I participated in the recoveries of a P-38 and a Wellington. Pics of these and many others can be seen at http://www.arg1940-1945.nl/pages/inhoudsopgave.htm (click at Bergingen)
    After that together with a friend I went to Luxembourg twice for some digging at a 55FG Mustang crashsite and I was able to get in touch with the pilot.



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