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    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    Korppi - 02.12.2006, 14:03

    "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu
    Ich muss gestehen, ich hab nur die Hälfte gelesen, Pees Schreibstil ist mir zu anstrengend
    sagt ihr mir, wenn sich das lohnt, zu Ende zu lesen?

    Hello again lovelies.how are you?hopefully well.
    Well, this time i thought of writing something a bit different than earlier,
    So,i decided to write down a memo of our yesterday..s meeting/gathering/whatever...

    I use european way of the clock because i am from finland 8)

    based on the true story,no animals harmed.only humans.

    it is not-too-cold,but yet very grey and foggy,little bit bad smelly wednesday morning in an unknown suburban area of helsinki...
    this is a very typical area of factories...gas,broken glasses,graffities everywhere...an abandoned bicycle lies on the ground.naked.someone stole it's rubbers...
    slightly frozen asphalt jungle awaits what the new day brings ahead.
    so does this old building which hides in some amount of different halls and rooms where bands can bring their instruments and play.i mean play music.
    and also play like the children play.play me...
    the building is anyhow quite far from the hilton-standard...(actually pretty f***ing far from it,but it doesn't bother..actually just increases the certain
    anxiety-level you maybe should have while working this kind of stuff.it's maybe a positive thing,maybe)
    ??that doesn't make any sense but let it be...
    so...enough said: the place is hilariously luxurious.

    clock 09:45

    nothing happens.

    clock 09:57

    nothing happens.
    practice room number (xxx)...silence

    clock 10:00

    rehearsals are marked to begin.

    clock 10:07

    no life-signs


    paavo arrives.little bit sweaty...cleaning he's glasses,seeking for sparkling water to satisfy he's thirst.
    "ach so,again i'm the first one.and most likely will be the last,like always..."
    he is saying for himself.paavo is very energic and diligent.


    Paavo goes to toilet.


    eicca arrives.

    ..oh..you..re all alone..sorry i..m a bit late because i took wrong hard-drive with me.realized in a half-way that i have the one where i only keep my
    lullabbies.i made a new song yesterday.it is called "a song" -he explains.paavo listens at the same time ipod.eicca seeks for sparkling water.

    "is coffee already ready?
    paavo shows thumb up.


    mikko arrives.

    "perkele...i went into this shop to buy new drumstick because i found out that i don't have only broken ones left,but the shop wasn't open yet.
    and then i found out that i don't have any money with me so i asked that they will send a bill to you eicca."

    "good morning.how kind of you"

    "where is sparkling water?is coffee ready?" -paavo shows thumb up and takes the headphones off..

    "...hey,i listened to this song number 13,you remember the fast one which goes like...-tadam..tam..tadam-tam...didudidu...tadam.."
    "...yes,that one...?"
    "...how about if it would go instead of -didudidu-..but -didudii...?"
    "..hmm...didn't think that possibility yet.could work though.let's try!"


    perttu arrives.

    "damn it.i couldn't get up from bed and found out that i need to..."

    "...eh,we are not interested of your excuses" -says the boys with one voice.
    "...this was already a third time you are late during two days,so,tomorrow is your turn to vacuum-clean the whole room."

    - "no excuses"
    "but...i don't vacuum-clean even my home!"
    "that's exactly then why..." paavo continues.
    "...but since we all were late today,you don't have to massage our backs this time."

    "ok.i try to wake up better then in future..."
    (behind perttu's back,others give themselves their doubtful glances)

    "is coffee ready?"
    ...notices that the can is already empty,and a bit resigned leaves the room to get more water.


    flavour of new coffee fills the room.

    "did you see yesterday the program of black holes?" perttu asks.no response.
    "it is so cool,unbelievable but cool that those exists,i don't get the system they work..."

    "i guess no one really does.was it that in one point someone doubted that are they truly even true?" mikko answers...
    "don't know of it,maybe they questioned the location and how could it be possible for a materia to disappear,which is quite difficult subject.but surely we have one black hole in here..." eicca begins to tease.
    "please guys,no..." perttu weeps
    "...in your pants..."
    "...but it cannot be the same,even if everything would go in there..." paavo continues
    "everything surely comes out!" says mikko
    "so,don't worry perttu.your star is still alive" laughs eicca. ("f*** ***")


    "yeah,about this didudii..." paavo says.
    "i think it's a good idea" says perttu
    "??? you don't know of what we're talking about"
    "no,but i decided to be positive and optimistic today.."
    "well,look to the mirror..from the scale of 1-7...how positive do you look?oh we don't have mirror,but believe me.you look shit." mikko praises.
    "thanks.when did you shave your beard last time?" perttu tries to strike back
    "äh...vain.didn't you know that these whiskers are the -top of all-style at the moment.you should follow more the time and what's happening on streets"
    "i don't have time for that kind of things,all of my spare time goes by watching historical or astronomical documents..."
    "yes...and believe me.that's exactly how you look like."

    (-now we come to the point of the day's first "must-be-cencored"-scene...)


    "didudii"...a cello makes a sound.paavo plays the "didudii"

    "yeah,that's good!" perttu continues.
    "shut up,still you haven't heard the entire song yet!"
    "true.i just want to be difficult"


    paavo puts the cello away.joins the others who have found some cookies.mikko also brought a newspaper and they are reading it silently.


    "didudii" soughs perttu


    "ok.let's listen "the song"" eicca says and goes to toilet.


    "didudii" whistles perttu


    (very loud music can be heard,fast beat,d minor,quite dark mooded song)

    -paavo plays along with the cd..
    now it comes...didudii..song ends.

    "yes.it is a good opportunity."

    then mikko begins to write textmessage,perttu opens the window and lightenes a cigarette,paavo begins to read a slalom magazine,eicca lifts weights.


    four men sit behind their instruments.looking stupidly if someone would have something to say.

    "okey,what did we do yesterday?" asks eicca
    "well,actually pretty much nothing" mikko answers
    "nor day before..."


    "let's play song number 3 once,that we all know." mikko is lively
    "almost..." perttu mutters


    "i am so tired!"
    "more coffee..."


    "have you heard the new muse-album,it's amazing!" mikko is lively
    "true.........." paavo jumps into the conversation and follows a long 7 minutes analyzis of what kind of chords and effects they are using
    eicca calls to the manager.perttu smokes


    "i am so hungry,let's go to get something to eat" paavo suggests


    boys are back.


    food is in the stomach


    everybody visited the toilets and ate crackers as deserts.


    song number 9 begins.
    "i think this could be still faster" "no,much slower in my opinion" "why?cannot you play it faster?" "f*** ***,not yet,since i haven't had time to..." "no excuses,let's play" "faster"


    "yeah!that was good!" perttu screams and looks like a washed dog.
    "good...there's still some hope in you as well..."
    "but not much..."

    (follows the next "must-be-cencored"-scene)


    "do we have any candy left?" mikko asks.mikko is a candy-monster
    "no,because we never had in here.you ate everything with antero already 6 months ago in macedonia"
    "we need a sponsorship-deal with haribo"


    "should we still play something?" paavo asks
    "still?funny..so far we played maybe 30 minutes during 4 hours." says eicca
    "that's the way it goes" says perttu
    "goes what?" "what the hell goes and like what?"
    "well,if this is not going any faster i'm going home because i have other life too" says paavo little bit irritated.
    "like we other's wouldn't!?" perttu attacks

    (increasing debate)

    the final result: even.no one got worse wounds than others


    "when was it,the last time that i've said that i love you guys?" perttu asks

    surprised silence

    "you know,i need to share the feeling,because the life is so unpredictable and never know what the next corner brings ahead and it is better to name your emotions than suffocate them..."

    "i think it was yesterday..." "or maybe the day before" "yes,monday,yes"
    "yes you told.like many times...it is good to know,but you know,i deeply care of you too." eicca whispers.

    (this begins again,oh no...)

    "you guys are so important for me,i don't know what could i do without you three" perttu cries with tears of the dragon.

    he goes hugging everybody.paavo looks the youngest one,and he's heart melts too.

    "i love you too,my friend,my brother,my love"
    "don't forget that i love you too!" mikko shouts
    "...and they lived happily everafter..." perttu expresses
    "what?we have not even begun yet!" eicca encourages "yes!come my brothers!let's create a beautiful sound together!let's play "the song"!

    happily they take their instruments and mikko counts the beat in...nothing happens.

    "perttu,you should begin the song"
    "oh,yeah,what?what track..i think i never heard this one.."
    "äh...this is the didudidu"
    "ok ok"

    didudii...tadam tadam...dum dum...

    "good!it's going to be good,if you perttu would just play the same song with us.paavo would play from the right tone,mikko would play the beat somehow otherwise correctly and i could also plug my cello into the soundsystem"

    another try.

    everybody make the changes
    -it sounds the same.

    "what's wrong with this group...?"


    cookies and coffee

    "this is quite hard this working" perttu begins
    "yes,and luckily will get only harder" paavo knows
    "my brains are already so full of information that it feels like it's escaping from there!"
    "what?from your black hole?"
    HAHA!! (f*** ***)

    (cencored text)


    "but truly,let's not fall into despair,the hope remains while the company is true"
    "oh,you saw that movie too?"
    "what movie?"
    "oh,The movie...sure"
    "what was the point?"
    "...that let's not give up.now that we are so far.."
    "we are pretty f***ing far from far..." eicca growls
    "but what do we already have? 10,13,14 songs?" mikko counts
    "yes,but we need more.better."

    "what do you think of the dum dum after the didudii?" asks paavo suddenly
    "like rather dam dam?"
    "yes,dam dam didudii...äh,no,sorry,didudii dam dam." "more like damdam or dam dam?"
    "how about damdum?" perttu offers
    "NO!that sounds so silly..." eicca laughs
    "i still doubt the whole idea of didudii" mikko doubts "you mean didudidu?"
    "no,wheather do we need that passage at all..."
    "i want to play didudii or didudidu,whatever,but i want to play it!" perttu demands by kicking he's foot to the floor
    "you act pretty childish" paavo notices
    "you mean i am a kid?" perttu gets angry again
    "no,come on...look into the mirror,oh we don't have it,i can bring tomorrow,-wheather you look as a kid or...eh...you're something else.you just always act as one"

    cencored change of filthy phrases


    peace and love

    "ok guys,i have to go soon and anyhow i am already so tired,so,what shall we do next?" mikko asks
    "let's drink beer" paavo suggests
    "good idea!" eicca is in
    "...but not with you.." paavo continues "i want to go to ski"
    "ok.let's meet after one week" mikko decides "meanwhile everybody practises all the songs and composes 20 tracks more"
    "aye aye sir" perttu sighs
    "no,seriously.let's have few days holiday.no one is allowed to work nothing" eicca speaks
    "so,no composing 5 songs in a day?" "no,nothing like that." "only 3?" "no"
    "we need this now.at least i have worked for a few months in a row,without almost single free day" eicca continues
    "yes,true.and afterwards we have fresh brains to learn more and get new ideas" perttu is excited
    "only thing that refreshes is your black hole..." now it's again mikko's time
    "ok...what will you do? let's say..3 days off" eicca smiles
    "i want to go with you to lapland" perttu says to paavo
    "i don't want you to come with me"
    "but..." "just try to remember what has happened whenever you have done anything like skiing,motorcycles,whatever...i don't want to dig you with the spoon from the top of the fir"
    "yes..my black hole is sucking the troubles.."

    (surprising,would have expected this to be another word-war between two mights.where the term "to surrender" doesn't belong to the dictionary)

    "i love you" "me too"
    "you or me?"
    paavo smiles widely and perttu gives him a big hug.mikko feels tears on he's cheeks because he is so touched of how much can those two persons enjoy each other's companies.


    eicca comes back from toilet.
    "great news!!!!!!!!!! ..........is.............and....................and.........which means that........is going to................and...............when............is.................and...........so,now we have to........
    everybody cheers up for a while


    "ok.but what does it mean then?" perttu ask,silly as he is
    "don't have any idea" eicca answers at least as silly

    "sorry guys,i really need to run now!" mikko pressures "will you come with the same bus with me perttu?"
    "ok.i go to sleep." "?" "don't ask" "?" "i am so tired.i cannot get any sleep because i feel pressure" "in your blac....?" "also in there but..."
    "hey come on..these are hard times for all of us but yet the hope remains while the company is...eh...how did the phrase go?" eicca tries to remember.
    "ok.3 days only sleeping and " paavo announces
    "and...?" "doing songs?"
    "yes,doing songs" eicca sighs

    mikko already have he's jacket on "come on"
    "no,actually i just remembered something urgent!" eicca says
    "we need to........now and...........tomorrow!"
    "no scheisse,it's a good thing!"
    "yes,ok,good scheisse"
    "ok.but quickly then" "ok"

    quick action


    "ok,now that it's done,we can rest for a while and come back tomorrow" eicca says
    "so no sleepy days?" perttu is disappointed
    "no,but look the bright side of the thing,at least you know what is behind this corner"
    "yes.an evening with lots of work.a night without sleep or dreams of didudii"
    "or didudidu?what did we decide?"
    "i don't remember anymore" mikko says
    "i think we didn't even decide anything" paavo remembers
    "let's think of it next week then." eicca says
    "what about tomorrow?" perttu asks
    "...is a new day..."


    "tomorrow then.10:00,let's try it on time,perttu...forget the cleaning" paavo reminds
    "i love you"
    "i know"

    door is opened,the electrics are switched off,lights away,the sound of a lock can be heard

    room is empty and silent again.waiting for next night's cold degrees to caress it's walls


    the last musician has left the building

    the scene ends with a close up to the broken bike and a distant drawn away car engine can be heard

    bus went just in front of their noses
    perttu and mikko are standing in a hard rain

    nothing more to say than "didudii"

    cheers lovelies!

    perttu :)

    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    Mette - 13.12.2006, 00:16

    :/ ich habe im mom. zuviel nachzuholen das ich es erst mal auf "eis lege" war zulange off....
    aber danke für's reinstellen

    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    Kaipun - 25.12.2006, 15:48

    Aaaalso, es ist recht amüsant, aber ich finde nciht, dass man es unbedingt gelesen haben muss. Manchmal steig ich auch nciht durch, sie schreibt wirklich sehr verworren.

    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    Korppi - 26.12.2006, 10:13

    sie ist ein er
    und der Mensch ist halt verworren
    alles andere wäre mir neu

    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    Kaipun - 26.12.2006, 16:56

    dann halt er, sorry... :/, trotzdem verworren

    Re: "A DAY IN A LIFE OF Apocalyptica" by Perttu

    grobii - 28.02.2007, 23:47

    aber irgendwie doch süüüzz^^

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