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    Re: I like most...

    deathhunter - 27.11.2006, 22:03

    I like most...
    (the topic, wished by Lady_C... so enjoy)

    okay i like most

    Mia77 (of course mi vida, i loooove you)
    MR (yey, extreme music for extreme people)
    Lost_girl (havent seen u much the last time, but still one of my favs :) )
    Darky (GRINCH!!!!)
    Lady_C (my special GF) (written by huntress :P)
    kico (be cool as allways :) )

    and everyone else i forgot, i am sorry, but i am not that good with names

    Re: I like most...

    Mia77 - 28.11.2006, 00:44

    I like the most...

    Deathhunter: (the one and only!!! Mi Cielo!!! Ich leibe dich sehr!!!)
    Darky... AKA: THE GRINCH :P
    MR... :D
    Miss:Hörle... :D
    Kico... :D
    Whish... :D
    Flatsu... :D
    Bookshelf... :D
    Blue_Eye... :D
    Lady_C... :D
    Destiny... :D
    Delphy... although i see her ver seldom now... :D
    annia... :D
    artemis ... same .. i see her very sledom... :D
    smurf... :D (Congrats again for your cutie pie!)
    m0rket ... :D

    mmm i know there are more... but you guys are the ones i usually talk with... :D

    Re: I like most...

    Lady_C - 28.11.2006, 12:40

    See this (((((((((HUG)))))))))? It is for my all friends from here :P

    Who I like the most? Well, who was quicker, than has read already:P
    MOST of YOU!!! @}--'-,------

    Re: I like most...

    valery21 - 28.11.2006, 19:05

    like most
    all u ppl i love this channel in my first time here i fill it that it my place :lol:

    Re: I like most...

    AdRuiTha - 09.12.2006, 05:57

    :arrow: I like most all people there, and my crickets too... =) Cri Cri !! Cri Cri !!

    /quit Lalalalalala :***

    Re: I like most...

    deathwalker - 14.12.2006, 03:58

    i like cheese

    Re: I like most...

    Jaq - 24.12.2006, 12:22

    Better not mention names, i think, since we're so many and it would be sad to have left someone out. But.. we all love losty, right? Hehe. :shock: Besides there are definitely a lot of great people around here which i should get to know even better.

    Take care

    Re: I like most...

    Emmamarie - 13.08.2007, 14:26

    I think I like almost everyone...hope some of them like me too :roll:

    Re: I like most...

    rads - 13.08.2007, 16:47

    Oh yes emma we do :* :lol:

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