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    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    silik80 - 15.11.2006, 15:13

    HA this Friday-Saturday
    Just want to let u know.
    This weekend big HA with all of our friends.
    Plz contact ur friends if they wanna help. We are going to attack tokio (current fleet NATO (that was my last info)) so plz dont contact them until we have our alliances. I heared that scotty and his squad will join us for help (i think its a squad of Deurit? dont really know and need more info bout that).
    Plz prepare Thursday and friday ur ships for the final assault (dont forget u cant change amor later, u cant trade, u only can change ur sailors from 1 to other ship).

    for further info plz look in this post, i will keep it updated!

    before u ask questions, plz look all our other post about HA in important information and Tacticsforum. If u have another question ask it here.

    Thx i hope i act like we all want to do.
    urs silik80

    from iampants i copied the times and some questions.

    On Friday 17th we declare war for an HA battle against Tokyo harbour on Saturday 18th

    Preparation Battle
    GMT 2000 - 2200 2200 - 0000
    CET 2100 - 2300 2300 - 0100
    EST 1500 - 1700 1700 - 1900
    PST 1100 - 1300 1300 - 1500
    China 0400 - 0600 0600 - 0800
    Aus (NSW) 0700 - 0900 0900 - 1100

    Keep the plan secret from others outside the fleet until after the declaration.

    After we have declared I assume we will then seek allies.... people to join the fleet for the battle... Questions:
    - who will we approach to join us for the battle (Jedi ? HMAS ? RN ?)
    - how will we coordinate alliances before and the coordinate during the battle (eg TS ? msn ? meeting room ?)

    i think best coordination would be via TNF TS.
    to all guys that arent registered with the NF TS plz search for it on the navyfield.com homepage (u have to be online and find a mod who can register u)

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    ins4n3 - 15.11.2006, 20:54

    i wont be able to make it to the HA, im gone for the whole weekend. someone else will have to play my account, i might ask daveydee (hes a pretty good friend of mine)

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    Lan_Yakato - 16.11.2006, 05:59

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday
    My first post on the forum, hurray! lol

    Anyway, do we need to register or something for the HA or do we just meet up somewhere at a cetain time?

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    cychan123456 - 16.11.2006, 07:23

    Welcome Yakato ^^

    Ar....silik.....china time for HA = 04:00 - 08:00 18-nov ?
    well....it's really hard for me to join....but i'll try my best to arrange it...
    (may be sleep earlier the night before HA ??)

    I hope that most of us can join and play together ^^

    My ships available : KM PCA / H39/ H44 / BSM / GZII

    But i think i need to get some credit from u guys to armor up my ships...
    (i gave a lot of $$$ to m8....so not much left)


    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    myztic - 16.11.2006, 10:03

    I found a pictured guid for the official NF TS: Guide

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    Cihron - 16.11.2006, 18:23

    If g0dpr0tector give back seashadows gunner, some1 could use that acc for HA or i use seas acc and some1 play mine

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    iampants - 16.11.2006, 22:14


    Can you confirm exactly what TIME the declaration will be made otherwise we might get caught with the wrong ship configurations.

    Also, is this of any use ?

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    iampants - 16.11.2006, 22:18

    Cychan..... very important information for you...

    The battle is at 0400-0800 but because you're ahead of us that is 0400-0800 on SUNDAY 19th China Time.

    18th Nov for pretty much everyone else but 19th Nov China Time !

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    silik80 - 16.11.2006, 23:03

    i make the war declaration at 7-8 am CET (CET = GMT+1h (germany)) on friday so it should be 0 am in US
    plz look at this webpage i hope it helps maybe UTC=GMT u just have to add the hours at the bottom from ur personal time http://www.janmaat.de/weltzeit.htm

    we will meet friday at area 12 or somewhere else i will write u via Fleetmessage (radioman left click-> clan -> right top buttom "message")
    from chariots account. I have to work then and be able to be online from 5pm CET - open end for questions or tradings.

    Thx pants for the MAP

    PLZ for ALL print the MAP i just can say during battle which field we r attacking or we need more ppl to attack.

    Plz u can try to recruit as many player as u can. Ask silik80, Massaguru, Noricer, hunterhh or cychan123456 or thechariot to let them join.
    Im sry but my work makes me very busy today and tomorrow so plz keep all ppl u c in radioman up to date!!!

    PLZ Listen to thechariot or silik80 becuz its the same person i think.^^
    i hope we meet hunterhh and cychan friday on the TS to discuss some of the last things we need.

    Guys its a game and if we lose we can say we tried it and played together and had some hours of playing as the whole fleet Treasure Trove. But if we win we can be proud of us and make a party :bia:

    so plz read the forum for updates and ask all ur fleetmates about settings for ships ....

    urs silik80

    Re: HA this Friday-Saturday

    iampants - 17.11.2006, 11:23

    BTW you realize of course that if we manage to win then we're likely to be attacked back fairly quickly and we won't get chance to decide the day of the battle then, the attacker chooses when to attack !

    But lets just have fun while its not costing us anything ! :)

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