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    Re: HHoL Satsu Enlightenment

    Faberassha - 13.11.2006, 17:30

    HHoL Satsu Enlightenment
    Stronghold: The High House of Light
    Wind: Right Hand of the Emperor

    DYNASTY (40)
    events (10):
    1x A New Wall
    1x A Time For Vengeance
    1x Death of the Heartless
    1x Fall From the Heavens
    1x Oath to the Empire
    1x Regions of Rokugan (not 100% on this one. It thins my deck but also means the opponent could drop a Tsuno Swamps...)
    1x The Death of Ryoshun
    1x The First Wedding
    1x Winter Storm (just a little meta)
    1x Wisdom Gained
    holdings (16):
    3x Arms Smugglers
    1x Crystal Mine
    1x Divining Pool
    1x Gifts and Favors
    3x Gold Mine
    3x Secluded Village
    1x Shrine to Fukurokujin
    1x Temples of Gisei Toshi
    1x The Shogun's Barracks
    1x The Tao
    personalities (7):
    3x Agasha Miyoshi
    1x Obsidian Dragon (just a filler card. fetchable with both Miyoshi and A Time for Vengeance. Can be cut if a better card is found)
    1x Togashi Satsu - exp 2
    1x Togashi Satsu - exp 3
    1x Yoritomo Yashinko
    regions (7):
    3x Fields of Pyrrhic Victory
    1x Kanashimi Toshi
    3x Sacred Hillside

    FATE (45)
    actions (15):
    2x A Samurai's Fury
    1x Allegiance to the Shogun
    1x Blight of War (good against Shiki exp. who bows Satsu after you make the 1/1's. This way it is a tie)
    1x Gift of Rice (can maybe be cut)
    3x Meeting the Keepers
    3x Scroll Cache
    2x Shadowed Path to Victory
    1x Unwavering Assault (makes you able to attack while bowed, and avoids opposition)
    1x Where Gods Have Fallen (battle action for Water and fetchable with Kami event)
    followers (2):
    1x Bloodsmith (is quite handy with Walkings)
    1x Shinsei's Crow
    kihos (19):
    3x Banish All Shadows
    3x Blessing of the Dragon
    3x Brand of Fire and Thunder
    1x Imbue Chi (starts under the box)
    3x Lady Moon's Prophecy
    1x Master of the Rolling River (moving away from opposition)
    1x The Future is Unwritten
    1x Threads of Fate (in case of trouble. Could maybe be cut, due to Crow)
    3x Wisdom the Wind Brings
    rings (5):
    1x Ring of Air
    1x Ring of Earth
    1x Ring of Fire
    1x Ring of Water
    1x Ring of the Void
    spells (4):
    1x The Kami's Blessing (battle action for Water and fetchable with the Kami event)
    3x Walking the Way

    The deck still needs a lot of tweaking to be maximized, but it already wins turn 4 quite often. The biggest problem I face is that I want zeveral more cards in fate, but noticed 45 really is the maximum the card draw can bare.

    The advantage of this build over the Hostage build is that there's even less ways to stop this deck. You win turn 4, immediatly. No Dark Lord's Favor or Blitz deck will be able to throw mud in your plans.

    Any tips?

    Re: HHoL Satsu Enlightenment

    stormking - 17.11.2006, 16:51

    I don't know :?
    To bet only on Satsu is to danger for my taste. If you have to discard both for Grasp Destiny or something different works wrong you have no chance to win!
    Its like roll a die before game starts.

    Re: HHoL Satsu Enlightenment

    Faberassha - 17.11.2006, 16:54

    stormking hat folgendes geschrieben: I don't know :?
    To bet only on Satsu is to danger for my taste. If you have to discard both for Grasp Destiny or something different works wrong you have no chance to win!
    Its like roll a die before game starts.

    Buy a Frog? :wink:

    Re: HHoL Satsu Enlightenment

    Kawon no Oni - 27.11.2006, 17:50

    It´s a strong deck, for sure. A similar deck placed 4th at the GenCon SoCal.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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