does anyone else
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    Re: does anyone else

    LC_DaRReN__ - 06.11.2006, 22:38

    does anyone else
    get that pop up that comes form the left side of your screen? its no biggy, im just wondering if its a prob i have or its just ment to be. 8)

    Re: does anyone else

    DrPain - 07.11.2006, 00:08

    ya i get it but only once every time i visit so w/e

    Re: does anyone else

    _LC_pYth0n_ - 07.11.2006, 00:23

    Yeah i asked eliz...and he said that it comes with site becasue he dident pay for it which there is no point for him to do so

    Re: does anyone else

    DrPain - 07.11.2006, 02:32

    how come theres no edit button?

    anyway i dont get it everytime just most everytime

    Re: does anyone else

    ann almighty - 09.11.2006, 19:23

    ive only got that popup thing once..

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