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    Re: Nachtfalken

    Teric - 06.11.2006, 10:10

    Hello Ally!

    Now, a short description of the Guild "Nachtfalken".

    Guild name: Nachtfalken
    Short form: NF

    Guild leader: Pardo, Jukon, Zabana

    Guild colors: black and light-teal, but there is no problem if a member wants to wear other colors....
    Guild emblem: the bird ;)

    Qualifications for guild invitation : Normally level 20 at minimum, application in the NF-forum, registration and participation in the NF-forum, after 4 weeks the new player will be a full member of the NF or not.
    Guild Forum:

    Short description: The Nachtfalken were created in November/December 2005, founded by Coldan, Drol, Tiffany, Shy, Riladeny, Zabana and Teric.
    Now, Coldan, Drol, Shy and Rila are inactive members and Tiffany and Teric have taken the lead. We don't want to be the biggest guild in Albion. But we want a nice teamplay with friendship in our guild. Most of our members are over than 25 years old and we just want to have fun....but this means not that we are not interrested in rvr or other raids for example. Some of our members have played a long time on the live servers, others are new to DAoC. And unforntunately, some of our members can not good or don't want to write/speak in english....

    If you have more questions.....tell them....


    Re: Nachtfalken

    Kronos - 09.11.2006, 17:18

    Thx for you really nice guild description Teric. Really :)


    Re: Nachtfalken

    Teric - 24.09.2007, 13:06


    added the new leaders.


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