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    Re: Interviews

    Captian - 06.11.2006, 19:37

    Interview vom 12.Mai 2006

    (CBS) In a cliffhanger episode Thurday night,Cap.Jim Brass is shot.
    While trying to negotiate with a gunman holdring a hostage.Brass life hang in a balance as the episode ends.

    But that doesn´t seen to concern Paul Guilfoyle,the actor who plays Brass,all that much.

    One The Early Show Friday,Paul Guilfoyle told co-anchor Julie Chen."I´m not that kind of guy.I don´t really believe in that sort of fear.I mean,I´ve been an actor for so long,I´ve had about a hundred jobs.So I,you know,I have all confidenc that I´d get another job,if his one ended."

    Chen wondered how Guilfoyle first found out Brass would wind up in the line of fire.

    "I tend to read the scripts as soon as thy come out,and..."

    Chen interrupted him,asking whether the show´s producers had called him to alert him of what was about to happen.

    "Well,you know what?They did,"Guilfoyle responded."...I got a call from the producers.But´I,I being the kind of guy I am,I,Iread the scripts very quickly.I like to find out what´s going on,just to see what´s,uh,happening.And,uh,so I had read the scripts,but I got a very good call from the producers saying,"Hey,we want you to know that,you know,you´re going to be shot,you know,,and,uh,I said Oh?Great,you know,I know that!"

    It wasn´t the first time Guilfoyle has played a man who´s been shot,and he says each time the character´s reaction has been the same:"You really can´t believe it,that,that somebody shot you and thatit´s happening to you,that you´re,cause there´s certain,I guess the word that most people say when they´re shot isn´t Mom´or,or,uh,or´Julie´or it,it´s,um,No!"

    If this really is the end of Brass,Guilfoyle says the character might have no one but himself blame.

    "I think the good thing about the character that I like about him,"Guilfoyle said,"Is that he operates from place of kind of honesty,of authenticity and honesty,and he sometimes makes other people do the same thing.And...a few times he´s wrong,like all of us.

    Re: Interviews

    Captian - 30.03.2008, 19:25

    Interview mit Paul

    Re: Interviews

    Captian - 06.01.2013, 19:09

    Hab noch ein 3. von ihm gesehen,muss es erstmal wieder finden.

    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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