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    Re: just wanted to say

    monty - 06.11.2006, 02:37

    just wanted to say
    just wanted to say goodnight

    i'm happy EJ got back on uthgard
    i'm happy to see kronos back online without huge lag
    i'm happy because our guild is still friendly and kind
    i'm happy to have a beautifull white hores with a hughe white ass (domino)
    i'm sad because we lost some allied players in the last days
    i'm sad because i won't have mutch time to play in the next week
    i'm sad because i can't make pop's proc (merel)

    4 happy's, 3 sad... so life is good :wink:

    keep up the spirit my friends, we are gonne wipe this server in a few months if i look at all the twinks getting good and strong :lol:

    in a few months our allie will have a choice of well played and strong chars to make full goups and make history on uthgard....

    you know i'm allways ready to help anyone, allways there to listen and talk, just keep enjoying the game and stick to the roleplay...

    we are good, we are very good, so let's show it to the enemy

    good night my friends

    monty :wink:

    Re: just wanted to say

    Raven - 30.12.2006, 21:47



    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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