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    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    David - 28.10.2006, 16:29

    Spielwoche im Tessin
    Dear friends,

    would you guys like to join me for a few days of pure fun in Tessin? My grandparents have a rather big house with a very beautiful garden above Tenero.

    We could play (Warhammer 40K or Fantasy, HeroQuest / Starquest or any other board games, maybe Magic, Jassen, Poker, Werewolf, Playstation, whatever), and simply talk and eat a lot.

    I plan on going there from Tuesday, November 29 until Monday, Dezember 4. Eva will come on Thursday and any other boy- or girlfriends are very welcome to come as well.

    We always cook nice meals, enjoy ourselfs and maybe take a stroll down to Locarno.

    Let me know if / when you would like to come and for how long.

    Best regards,


    Confirmed comming:
    David & Beni (going by car, Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning)
    Eva (arriving Thursday evening)
    Joni (arriving ?)
    Raphael (arriving ?)
    Amanda & Thomas (arriving Thursday evening or Friday morning)

    Planning on coming:
    Steph Richard (with Dominika)

    Extremely invited:
    anybody else from our Guild

    Not coming (what a shame!!!)
    Stephan :roll:

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    luzia - 28.10.2006, 17:52

    wuud bi ä plescher
    sure, i really would like to join such a great group of people for spending a great time in the villa in the south of switzerland (a style of house i have only known from tv before...^^ )

    but, i don't know if i am still working then or if i will be jobless again...
    hopefully, my working life will be over by then for a while...

    also mal sehn, ist also eine grandiöserische idee! (dieses ausländisch find ich ja schon auch immer ein bisschen schwierig so schrüftlich ^^)

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    Joni - 29.10.2006, 19:04

    Yeah well, sweetness at its fullest, guess I'll join you in a no-brainer-way, guys n'gals!
    Not sure 'bout my date of arrival though - could be tuesday takin' tha ride with you bro's, but if I had to make a fairly fair guess I'd reckon that it'd be 'round wednesday eve' 'cause myself gotta stay for some moderately important classes on that day till noon (proud owner of a Gleis 7, yay me!).

    Letcha know 's soon 's I know 'xactly, so nevermind.

    Loookin' forwaaard to iiit :D

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    Philipp - 13.11.2006, 10:37

    Unfortunatelly, we / I cannot join this time. :(
    But we / I will be there next time! 8)

    Enjoy (and do not drink to much!^^)

    Philipp & Sandra

    P.S. David, Ready for a WH40K-Battle anytime. :twisted:
    P.S.S. Why do we write in english instead of german?^^

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    Raphi - 13.11.2006, 20:44

    Well, since a few weeks I'm a proud member of the ETH community. :P :P

    But, never the less, I will join the reunion of our guild. I shall comply the request of our guild master to meet in Tessin to discuss our further plan to conquer horde-territory.

    I will take the evening train on Thursday (17:09 is fine for Eva?). I hope that other guild members will join this train. I don't want to be alone when a hordish raiding party ambushes the train.
    Philipp gave me the good idea to reserve seats in the dining-car. So, please let me know who will also take a train on Thursday so I will reserve them. In that way, we will drive kind of 1st class but only pay at least SFr 10. - in addition to the 2nd class ticket(that's the minimum consumption in the dining-car).

    I'm really looking forward to this meeting. Hope to talk a lot (about new constructions in Stormwind, business plans about the Ironforge-bank and the tests from the biology-center in Darnassus).

    See you in Tessin, Raphael aka immortal Libertas

    PS: I couldn't find the "Order 1 Mississippi Cake from Joni"-Button. I really looked everywhere in Joni's poste.
    PPS: Shall I take WH 40K miniatures with me? :roll:

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    Joni - 14.11.2006, 13:27

    Raphi hat folgendes geschrieben:
    PS: I couldn't find the "Order 1 Mississippi Cake from Joni"-Button. I really looked everywhere in Joni's poste.

    Ummm....umm-da-dum.. :roll:
    Actually there isn't a button at all, and certainly not one that reads "Hi. Press me, and I'll be a mississippi-cake soon!"
    Nice one anyway :wink:

    But - maybe and if I happen to be mildly-tempered - I'll consider baking one; either at home (unlikely) or then once I'm down there (more likely).

    Btw, I am pretty sure that I'm going to take the first train on Wednesday evening that allows for full potential of my "Gleis 7".

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    David - 15.11.2006, 10:51

    1. my first post was in english because it's more or less the e-mail that I sent to some of you guys. It's in english because I wanted Steph to understand everything and because I was to lazy to write it all again in german. I think some of you guys enjoy showing off your really amazing writing-skills! :D

    2. due to work, Eva will probably take a train that leaves at about 8 p.m. from Zürich. She will reply pretty soon herself. :!:

    3. @Raphi: how many Grey-Knights will be ready to cleanse alien infestations on the battlefield or inside a Space-Hulk? Anyway it would be great to see them for real and they could join with my own Space-Marines for some special missions. Also you could consider to bring a few unpainted miniatures, I will bring (almost) every colour, brushes etc. and Beni and I will certainly paint in the first few days.

    4. @Philipp: too bad but not a big issue, I plan to do the same thing again next year (probably in spring, maybe also in summer)...

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    luzia - 16.11.2006, 22:12

    'cause i have to work until christmas (how awful...) i will only be able to come to the south for a short (as they usually are...) weekend. so i will take a train on friday evening. is there somebody else who might go then as well?

    in any case, i meld mi a from friday night (if there is a very nice person picking me up at night at the teneroen station...) until sunday early afternoon...(and in the last hour i will be swearing a lot about my job...)

    luuuking forward tu it äniwei

    Re: Spielwoche im Tessin

    Eva - 24.11.2006, 11:41

    as i told raphi secretly, i'll manage to catch the 7 o'clock train to the south.
    i'm looking forward to it (a little holiday after 3 very stressful weeks...), ooooh, i hardly can wait!

    what you should bring along:
    - sleeping bag
    - toothbrush
    - enough socks
    - brillant ideas and mood
    - your favourite game (mine is werewolves!!!!!!!)
    - handkerchiefs (eifach es wunderbars wort)
    - en englischdix, will mir jo denn immer englisch reded!
    - lip balm
    - robustes schuhwerk (wie immer)
    (und fürs sackgumpiturnier je en sack, d'wiiber bringed en gummitwist)

    ; *

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