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    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 22.10.2006, 20:08

    Ok...auf allgemeinen Wunsch :lol: mache ich hier mal den Anfang.
    Kann fortlaufend ergänzt werden...

    Einiges über die Monsters of Rock Festivals

    Das Monsters Of Rock Open Air Festival war das bedeutendste Hard Rock und Heavy Metal Musik Festival der 1980er und frühen 1990er Jahre. Es fand zwischen 1980 bis einschließlich 1996 auf der Castle Donington Rennstrecke in Leicestershire, England statt und hatte zeitweise über 100'000 Zuschauer. Aufgrund seines Erfolges wurden "Monsters Of Rock" Festivals später in weiteren Ländern veranstaltet.


    Das Festival fand in diesem Jahr am 18. August statt. Wegen den beiden Todesfällen von 1988 wurde die Ticketausgabe auf 72'500 begrenzt, alle Karten waren restlos ausverkauft. In diesem Jahr wurde das "Monsters Of Rock" darüber hinaus zum ersten Mal live via BBC Radio 1 übertragen. Gegen Ende des Aerosmith Sets kam Led Zeppelin Gitarrist Jimmy Page auf die Bühne um mit der Band die Songs den Yardbirds Klassiker "Train Kept A Rolling" und "Walk This Way" zu jamen.

    Leider habe ich nur unbrauchbare Fotos gefunden :-(
    Vielleicht finde ich später noch andere :roll:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    maGGus - 22.10.2006, 20:19

    Das Train Kept A Rollin Video kenne ich :-) Ich find das rockt :grin:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Tinkerbell - 22.10.2006, 20:24

    Danke für die Infooos^^

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 22.10.2006, 20:33

    Hier Steven Tyler über die Yardbirds:

    The Yardbirds

    By Steven Tyler

    Listen to "Somebody," a song I wrote for Aerosmith's first album: It's all from the Yardbirds. They were the shit to us, out of all the British bands in the Sixties. The Yardbirds were a bit of a mystery. They had an eclecticism -- the Gregorian chant-ness of the vocals, the melodic diversity, the way they used guitar feedback. I loved that weirdness.

    In the Sixties, I was in a band called Chain Reaction. We got to know the Yardbirds because they played at Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut, in 1966. We had a friend, Henry Smith, who had been our manager for a while, and he had gone to school there. He called me and said, "Steven, the Yardbirds are playing here, and you can open up." It was the lineup with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, who was playing bass on that tour. We waited all day for them to arrive. I grabbed their amps, they grabbed ours. We carried each other's gear in, because back then, that's what you did. Hence began the rumor that I was a roadie for the Yardbirds.

    They did "Shapes of Things," "Beck's Boogie," among other songs. I was in such awe. They played like no other band. They weren't concerned with clothes or looks or hit singles. Their thing was "What do we do with these sounds?" They did things with harmonics -- minor thirds and fifths -- that created this ethereal, monstrous sound.

    You hear it in every song -- the way they could take the blues and turn it into a pop song like "For Your Love," then something psychedelic like "Shapes of Things," which has that weird middle. You can hear the click when Beck hits his fuzz box. Page, in the end, was the one who took those ideas all the way with Led Zeppelin. The two shows I remember where I just sat with my mouth open was that Yardbirds show, and Led Zeppelin at the Boston Tea Party in 1969.

    As a singer, the thing I got out of the Yardbirds was that you don't have to have a great voice. It's all about attitude. Keith Relf wasn't great, but how he sang it made him a master. He was a white boy who pushed it to the max. And he was a great harmonica player. You never heard Jagger hanging out on a single note the way Keith Relf could.

    The shame is, I know how great the Yardbirds were. But I don't think everyone else knows it. The Yardbirds' music is a gold mine waiting to be stumbled upon. Aerosmith did, because we grew up in that era. The riff in "Walk This Way" is just us trying to explore the blues in the Yardbirds model. What the Yardbirds did is something you don't hear in today's blue-plate-special, cookie-cutter music. Everything is so canned and sliced up now. This was back when a band was a band. You had all those personalities, and they were all truly playing together. And I don't hear that today. The day of those bands, that wild stepping out, is gone.

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 22.10.2006, 21:00

    Und hier einige Fotos, von der Hall Of Fame-Aufnahme von Zep:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 23.10.2006, 08:33


    - August - Donnington Park, England - Aerosmith is joined by longtime hero Jimmy Page to jam with them onstage for "Train Kept a' Rollin'", an old Yardbirds classic which Aerosmith had covered in the Seventies.

    - Aerosmith plays a 'secret' gig at London's Marquee club. Jimmy Page joins them onstage for 6 songs

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 23.10.2006, 10:42

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 31.10.2006, 11:12

    Und hier..."Led Aerosmith" live ;-)


    Viel Spass, Johanna und Julia :grin:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 27.04.2007, 10:05

    Aerosmith quoting Communication Breakdown and WLL

    I just got my hands on a recording of the opening show of the current Aerosmith world tour in Buenos Aires... apart from the fact that the show kicks ass... Steven Tyler incorporates a few lines of Communication Breakddown and Whole Lotta LOve into Walk This Way! which I thought I needed to share with y'all.


    (mp3 version of it on my blog... http://musictravellers.blogspot.com )

    (auf der Seite gibts noch viele weitere Leckerbissen ;-) )

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    fan1963 - 27.04.2007, 12:35

    Wenn die Daten meiner Bootlegs stimmen, muss das Konzert in Donnington am 18.08.90, (13 Tracks, davon 2 Tracks mit Jimmy), stattgefunden haben, und das Konzert (Rehearsals vor 850 Zuschauern) im Londoner Marquee am 20.08.90 (19 Tracks, davon 7 Tracks mit Jimmy).

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 27.04.2007, 12:49

    Das gibts auch, Steffen...da hast du recht.

    Aber das muss was anderes sein...

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 27.04.2007, 14:12

    Oder ist Donnington in Buenos Aires? :roll: :lol:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 07.08.2007, 09:50

    Jimmy + Aerosmith = Immigrant Song :grin:


    Der Song scheint nicht so einfach zu sein, wie er scheint :lol:

    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Black Dog - 30.11.2007, 21:00

    Zitat: 30-Nov-07
    Joe Perry Tells Rolling Stone How Aerosmith Was Influenced by Led Zeppelin

    In Rolling Stone Magazine's latest cover story, "The Return of Led Zeppelin," eight artists offer their take on the impact of the iconic rock group. Joe Perry offered this statement:
    "We Learned the arena-rock sound from their records. Jimmy Page was so young when they made their first record, but he'd spent so much time in the studio, he had the whole thing mapped out in his head. He was like Eisenhower looking at Normandy Beach."


    Re: Zep/Aerosmith-Querverbindungen

    Queen-King - 30.11.2007, 22:16

    Zitat: "We Learned the arena-rock sound from their records.


    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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