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Re: Probleme bei den HÜ´s

Thei Tailor - 19.10.2006, 16:25
Probleme bei den HÜ´s
Wer weiß wie man die horizontale Linien geht????

Re: Probleme bei den HÜ´s

Stefan - 19.10.2006, 20:52

was horzontale linie das gibts gar nicht
es gibt nur horizontale Arbeitsteilung in BW






so da hast es :twisted:

Re: Probleme bei den HÜ´s

Thei Tailor - 19.10.2006, 20:57

achsoooooooooo :oops:

Re: Probleme bei den HÜ´s

djordje - 26.10.2006, 19:38

Words Unit 2

language What language do Americans speak? Sprache
example A carrot is an example of a vegetables. Beispiel
customer The shop has a lot of customers. Kunde
ordinary It’s just an ordinary shop. Gewöhnlich
chain store Filiale
department store Harrods is a big department store in London. Warenhaus
kiosk Kiosk, Trafik
shopping centre Einkaufszenturm
mall (AE) Einkaufszentrum
supermarket We go to the supermarket every week. Supermarkt
mail order catalogue Versandhauskatalog
catalogue Katalog
market stall Marktstand
via über, durch
shopper Käufer
goods There are a lot of different goods. Waren, Güter
service Dienst
specialist Fach-, Spezialist
baker We buy bread from the beaker. Bäcker
chemist Apotheker
stationer Schreibwarenhändler
trip We went on a trip to London. Ausflug
eastern Vienna is a city in eastern Austria. östlich, Ost
to role-play im Rollenspiel darstellen
scene Szene
role Rolle
several We didn’t just go to one shop, we wnt to sveral. einige, mehrere
you’re welcome keine Ursache
(shop) assistant The shop assistant was very friendly. Verkäufer
blouse She is wearing a new blouse. Bluse
sale Schlussverkauf
rack (Kleider) Ständer
bargain Sonderangebot
counter Ladentisch
to fit This blouse doesn’t fit. passen
clothing They sell a lot of nice clothing. Kleidung
size Have you got a bigger size? Größe
to cost It costs only 10 euros. kostet
sweatshirt This sweatshirt is good for winter. Sweatshirt
boot Stiefel
tights Strumpfhossen
on special offer im Sonderangebot
jumper Pullover
outdoor clothing Oberbekleidung
to be on holiday auf Urlaub sein
storm-proof regendicht,sturmfest
wax jacket Wachs-, Regenjacke
to interpret dolmetschen, übersetzen
excuse me Entschuldigung
certainly sicherlich
range Sortiment
hood Kapuze
lining Innenfutter
removable abnehmbar
to get sth verstehen
choice You make a good choice. Auswahl
navy marineblau
olive oliv
cherry kirschrot
just one moment nur einen Augenblick
tourist attraction Touristenattraktion
palace Palast
popular The shop is very popular. beliebt
store Warenhaus
to queue sich anstellen
credit card I’m paying by credit card Kreditkarte
pre-reading vor dem Lesen
assignment Aufgabe
equivalent Entsprechung
to underline Underline the correct word. unterstreichen
expression What does the expression …mean? Ausdurck
stuff Ware, Sachen
to spend a fortune on ein Vermöngen ausgeben für
space Is there space for one more person in the car? Platz, Raum
changing room Where are the changing rooms? Umkleiderau
full-length (boden) lang
mirror Stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Spiegel
virtual virtuell
to get older As she got older, she started to go… alter warden
department She works in the shoe department in Harrods. Abteilung
boring It was interesting at first but now it’s boring. Langweilig
to laugh at They laughed at me because they thought… lachen über
latest neueste
to discover entdecken
second-hand gebraucht, aus zweiter Hand
to hang hängen
sign Schild
an hour or so ungefähr eine Stunde
later She’ll come a bit later. patter
to open for business das Geschäft (er)öffnen
to look through durchsehen
smartly-dressed elegant gegkleidet
to try on anprobieren
fabulous It was a fabulous film. Fabelhaft
quality The skirt is very good quality. Qualität
to come from Monika comes from Austria. stammen aus
a lot of There was a lot of choice. viel, viele
fashionable Boots are fashionable today. modisch, modern
to be like sb wie jmd sein
smart schick, flott
exclusive exklusiv
designer Designermarke
shopping basket Einkaufskorb
designer Designer
to long sich sehnen nach
to design entwerfen
unfashionable unmodern
at last endlich
basic The basic things you need to live are food… grundsätzlich
uninteresting uninteressant
pretend Spiel
electronic elektronisch
entertainment Listening to musich is good entertainment. Unterhaltung
common Sahrah is quite a common name in Britain. gewöhnlich
particular Is there anything particular you want to buy. bestimmt
discuss They discussed what to do about the problem. besprchen
imagine Could you imagine being a teacher? sich vorstellen
product There were a lot of different products to buy. Produkte
pro There are lots of pros and cons about shopping. (da)für
convenient It’s very convenient living near the school. bequem
huge The building is huge. riesig
selection There’s a big selection fo chocolate. Auswahl
competitive konkurrenzfähig
delivery Zustellung
con =opposite of pro (da)gegen
temptation Versuchung
to control kontrollieren
to slide into rutschen
trap Falle
even Everyone was dancing, even Jams who doesn’t. sogar (noch)
peer-group pressure Gruppenzwang
security Sicherheit
payment You can make payment by credit card. Bezahlung
personal data persönliche Daten
detail I don’t need all details. Einzelheiten
to take notes Listen to the dialogue and take notes. Notizen machen
fire away schieß los
at least We need at least four tomatoes, no less. wenigstens
to be at sth dabei sein
rubber Gummi
to forgiven I’m very sorry. Pleas forgive me. vergeben, verzeihen
to go on to weitergehen zu
to pick up We have to pick you up at six. abholen
anyhow Anyhow, what was I saying? jedenfals
to hang on dranbleiben
call in at gehe zu
I’m afraid I’m afraid she’s not here any more. leider
suggest I suggest you ring her at home. vorschlagen
to be careful about achten auf
opening Eröffnung
attract anlocken
gift We got a nice gift from our granny for Christmas. Geschenk
travel agent Reisebüro
car park We left the car in the car park. Parkplatz
shuttle Zubringerbus
to show up erscheinen
worried I’m worried about Anne. besorgt
to belong to It belong to my sister. gehören (zu)
replace I replace my old care for a new. ersetzen
plan We planned to have a nice picnic. planen
notice I notice you’re wearing a new dress. bemerken
in front of A tall person stood in front of me. vor
purchase (Ein) Kauf
owner Eigentümer, Besitzer
comic Comic
corner Putt he chairs over their in the corner. Ecke
o’clock It’s ten o’clock. volle Stunde
mobile phone I have a mobile phone. Handy
caller Anrufer
in fact In fact, it was very expensive. tatsächlich
whole I haven’t seen the whole film. ganze/r/s
to take off She took off her jumper. ausziehen
to turn out sich herausstellen
grateful dankbar
paragraph Read the first paragraph. Absatz
truly wirklich, tatsächlich
to apologize I apologized for stealing the trousers. sich entschuldigen
to resist widersthen
ashamed beschämt
closing abschließend
to promise I promised not to do it and I won’t. versprechen
kindness Thank you for your kindness. Güte, Freundlichkeit
understanding Verständnis
Yours sincerely Mit freundlichen Grüßen.
to dress She dresses in skirt. anziehen
cotton Baumwolle
flip flops Zehensandalen, Flip Flops
to put up with sich abfinden mit
uncool unmodisch
unfortunately leider
completely I’ve completely finished doing the exercise. voll(standing)
to make clear klar machen
action The film was really exciting with lots of action. Akton
in progress im Gange
to take place stattfinden
during I read during the film because it was so boring! während
period Zeit(raum)
subject Subjekt
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