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    Re: introducing

    deathhunter - 18.10.2006, 23:10

    Nickname : Deathhunter (Deathhuntress sometimes)
    Name: Martin
    Born: 1987
    Country: Germany
    Job: Civil-work till april 2007 (hospital)
    @ #worldchat since: dunno somewhen between march and june 2006
    Music: too much... mostly dark

    Re: introducing

    Marko - 18.10.2006, 23:37

    Name: Marko
    Nicks: MR, Unh0ly, H4tr3d, H4ng0v3r
    Age: 28
    Country: Serbia
    that's all u need to know about me
    yeah and i play the guitar, love music
    \m/ Metal \m/ :twisted:

    Re: introducing

    Dylann - 19.10.2006, 16:12

    Name: Dylan
    Nick: Dylann
    Age: 21
    Country: Russia
    Motto: Life is like stairs in a hen house: the one is short and all in a shit.
    Interests: Music creation, professional graphics, prof. programmin (Delphi, C++), prof. web-design and web-programmin (html, css, java script, php)

    Re: introducing

    M0rket - 19.10.2006, 16:18

    Nickname : M0rket
    Born: 1978
    Country: Denmark
    Job: currently unemployed
    @ #worldchat since: spring '06
    Music: mostly metal / playing guitar

    Re: introducing

    Jimmy_3_Shoes - 19.10.2006, 17:19

    about jimmy
    Nicks: Jimmy 3 shoes - Space Ghost - The_Baker
    music best - drum&bass - metal - etc - and most musics are good
    i like space and sci-fi, bmx and computers, music creation, graphix, and of course gaming.

    i speak only english im afraid.
    i am from Liverpool uk

    Re: introducing

    _ania_ - 19.10.2006, 18:50

    Nickname : _ania_
    Name: Anna
    Born: 21.IX.1989
    Country: Poland
    study in high school :)
    i like learning new languages,listening to music etc.
    I haven`t got a lot of time... I`m still busy :)
    Music: reggae,R&B,soul, jazz... every kind of music

    Re: introducing

    MissHörlle - 19.10.2006, 19:56

    Nickname : MissHörlle, Hörlle
    Name: Laura Hörlle
    Born: 13 december 1988
    Country: Germany/Brasil
    Music: mostly metal LOL :)

    Re: introducing

    Mia77 - 20.10.2006, 06:36

    Nickname : Mia77
    Name: Magda
    Country: MEXICO!
    Job: Translator, interpreter and english teacher.... for now..
    about me: movie freak... learning german... love to travel... make friends all over the world... YEEEEEEEEEY

    Re: introducing

    BloodyHellboy - 21.10.2006, 22:53

    Nick BloodyHellboy
    name: Stephan
    country: germany
    born:20th march 1982
    hobby: my pc, and many books and train my languages
    and be lazy

    Re: introducing

    kandinsky - 22.10.2006, 02:43

    vasily kandinsky
    I came back.
    chemist, doing Ph.D. (i know it doesnt seem so but true), Turkish,
    in Austria,graz now.
    If you want to know more thing please call: +90 0242... hahahahha
    see u all
    hey i coudnt load pic help me hunter

    Re: introducing

    Vibe - 23.10.2006, 12:25

    that's all folks...

    Re: introducing

    stump - 25.10.2006, 18:46

    i'm stump and everyboby calls me that,
    born way back in '69
    Live in Denmark

    Re: introducing

    FMheartFree - 01.11.2006, 01:07

    as i just join the chat, i like ppl in there, so i heard about the forum from ania, i desided to join it as well, who am i?
    my name is Faisal
    im from saudi arabia
    i was born in 1975
    i work as an aircraft technician
    that is all i can remember about my self for now

    Re: introducing

    Whish - 15.11.2006, 17:15

    Nickname : Whish, Zedvig or [FIN]Wonderer
    Name: Esko
    Born: 1972
    Country: Finland
    Job: Carpenter
    Hobbies: Driving with motorbike (summer) and chatting (everyday)
    I founded #Worldchat in January 2003 (the network was at the time Liquidirc)

    Re: introducing

    valery21 - 26.11.2006, 20:08

    Nickname : valery21

    Name: valery/a

    Country : israel

    Job : in thus time i am in the army :(

    born: 30 october 1985

    hobby: like sport , pc and this channel all this ppl are so good here i love u ppl

    Re: introducing

    AdRuiTha - 01.12.2006, 07:21

    º Nick: AdRuiTha
    º Name: Adriana
    º Born: 28/07/1985
    º Country: Argentine
    º Music: Rock... sometimes I listen romantic music ´^^`
    º I'm Studying: International Trade

    Re: introducing

    Jaq - 02.12.2006, 15:43

    Nick: Jaq (pronounced Jack), Joa, Love_Bunny (hmm, some others i guess but that will be a secret, heh)
    Name: Joachim
    Age: 24 (right now that is..)
    Country: Norway
    Job: Studying occupational therapy atm + parttime jobs
    Music: Anything but metal :P Well, if you really want to know just ask

    Re: introducing

    Blue_Eye - 08.12.2006, 05:28

    I like open chat rooms and when I found #worldchat , I saw that I _must_ stay :)
    Yeah, and of course in this forum too. :mrgreen: -

    Nick: Blue_Eye (elsewhere H@r@ld, h4r4ld)
    Name: Harald
    Born: 1958-12-12, 22:25 (so I'm a nightowl)
    Country: from and in Germany, Berlin
    Job: IT-engineer (currently unemployed)
    Hobbies: a lot more than chatting and smoking..., ask me
    Music: Melodic Trance, (some) Oldies, Bollywood, Dancing-School, <all that's NOT english>,
    and surely some more, but not <hiphop><rap>
    Sports: nearly none, Billiard, Bowling, (maybe Dancing) (for some of my hobbies)

    Re: introducing

    deathwalker - 14.12.2006, 03:43

    Nick: Deathwalker
    Name: Paul (not quite as cool as deathwalker i know)
    Born: 17 june 1982
    Country: Ireland home of Guinness and Leprechauns and the like
    Music: Metal, Metal, Metal and sometimes just for a change i listen to some metal or some rock
    im a jobless bum at the moment aint life grand

    dammit not jobless anymore its all gone to hell

    Re: introducing

    Froggaard - 21.06.2007, 09:40

    Nick: Froggy
    Name: Martin
    Born: 08 July 1989
    Country: Denmark
    Music: Rock, Metal, Techno

    Re: introducing

    Steve - 24.06.2007, 08:34

    Nick : Steve, SteveRay...
    Name : "Same as above" LOL
    Born : 2nd March, 1986
    Country : England
    Favourite Genres (Music) : Trance, Metal, sometimes Romantic :P
    Hobbies : Playing Guitar, Riding my racer (fast) :P

    Re: introducing

    DeniSKA - 26.06.2007, 13:25

    nick: DeniSKA , AK47 , SKAlpel , SKA
    Name: Dennis Christian, but everyone calls me Chris (I hate name Dennis :P )
    born: 1986
    country: Russia
    music: SKA-Punk, Brit pop, indie, rock,electronic (sometimes)
    hobbies: FOOTBALL!!!, GIRLS!!! :P , cars, playing guitar, boxing, etc...

    P.S. I'm male lol :D

    Re: introducing

    Marcus - 02.07.2007, 07:36

    Nick: Marcus, William, King_Leonidas
    Name: Ramon
    Age: 16
    Country: Holland
    Music: Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, and alot more :P.

    Re: introducing

    bahaelaila7 - 11.07.2007, 05:40

    Nick: bahaelaila7 , Bahaa_*
    name: Bahaa Eddin ( call me Bahaa)
    age: 16
    gender: male
    country : palestine ( well , not a country yet)
    Music : nothing (Hate it at all)
    Hobbies : working, helping people, programming
    interests : languages
    birth date= 23/jan/1991
    (any objection)??

    Re: introducing

    rads - 12.07.2007, 09:43

    Nick: rads, The_One, The_Flying_Pig,Squid.......
    Name: Radeesh Nair
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Country : India
    Occupation: Network/Systems Admin
    Music : Hindi music
    Hobbies : Computers, Long drives, Drinking only alcoholic drinks..
    Birth date= 07/11/80 (dd/mm/yy)

    Re: introducing

    jess - 03.08.2007, 09:24

    Nicknack : errrm too many xD.. mostly jess and lassie
    person is: jessica
    planet: australia
    stuff bout me: ummm... im like a apple.. sweet, but can poisonous..bite me, i can poison ya.=p
    i love to draw and draw stuff for ppl :) talking to my irc friends , stuffing around crazy :D fun, caring, different n i seem to get sick alot :(..n yea that bout wraps things up...see u there! :arrow:

    Re: introducing

    shaanxi - 09.08.2007, 16:53


    Nickname: shaanxi (or sometimes MindUser90874930 when mIrc is actin up)
    Name: Ana
    Born: 13/6/1986
    Sign: Gemini
    Gender: Female
    Country: Slovenia (check it out... :))
    Occupation: Student of Tourism
    Music: Mostly Rock but I also love Ska and metal and... pop :oops:
    Hobbies: Actually I have no hobbies .. but I like to get drunk from time to time ;)

    Re: introducing

    Anonymous - 19.08.2007, 11:12

    Nick: lopi aka lops aka grasshoppa
    Name: Lana
    Born: 31/03/1983
    Country: Croatia
    atm student of indology and anthropology and working to save money for more schooling and travel the chat i guess

    Re: introducing

    nifty - 19.08.2007, 17:41

    birth date:1982.01.05
    i`m employee in small sewing firm.
    there`s no special hobbies,just like listen to music(rock,dance,pop),intersted in formula1,basketball or football(when playing national team). :)

    Re: introducing

    Simon_Bisley - 08.11.2007, 19:46

    Nick: Simon_Bisley, Ocean_Of_Warriors, William_Wallace
    Name: Alexei
    Born: 20/01/1977
    Country: braZil
    atm student of world domination and souls destruction the chat i guess

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