!!!!!IT´S ENOUGH NOW!!!!!
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    Re: YAY!

    Fr°wning Cl°wn - 10.10.2006, 18:35

    I`M SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!! FINALLY www.abbasite.com closed down!!!!!!!!!!This boring bunch of narrow minded people should have gone long before, but now finally it´s finished!YAY!

    Ok Sorry for these evil words, but it had to be said.
    Your HAPPY


    Re: YAY!

    Anonymous - 11.10.2006, 00:54

    HAHAHAHAHAH............Du är konstig på ett bra sätt sweetie :wink:

    Well it was a pretty bad site so YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    Re: YAY!

    Fr°wning Cl°wn - 11.10.2006, 10:41

    YAY!Lol, my Swedish is down to...well it´not the best lol, but I think I got the main idea :wink: :P

    Yes you´re so right it was BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

    Re: YAY!

    Anonymous - 11.10.2006, 14:24

    Well it meant " you are weird in a good way" :D

    There is nothing wrong with that,i am that way to :wink:

    Re: YAY!

    Fr°wning Cl°wn - 11.10.2006, 19:02

    Actually everyone is!Or, you can´t tell me that Brunnen is not strange!Or Sam!

    Re: YAY!

    Anonymous - 13.10.2006, 02:16

    Haha :D

    well i suppose you are right as always marie :wink: ......well i cant deny that no :P

    Re: YAY!

    Fr°wning Cl°wn - 13.10.2006, 07:53

    Lol, as alway, hu?You should see me in the Math lesson :P :wink:

    I don´t know a single person wo is not strange in any tiny way.But when anyone meets the perfect spirit, just tell me, I´ll be excited.
    By the way, just not to offend anyone:I LOVE YOU ALL AND YOU ARE ALL VERYVERYVERY CLOSE TO PERFECTION!

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