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    Re: About a voice-server

    spooky - 07.10.2006, 17:55

    About a voice-server
    Hey, its about a voiceserver , teamspeak or so..

    Are you still interested in one?
    It won't make sense when no one uses it then, so are you playing together by xfire or is it like i think that its pretty splitted up and no ones play together :?:

    A teamspeak server would only make sense when at least a small group of 3 or so play together in a server...
    I think it would be good for JKA or battlefield2 caus i think thats the game most of our clubmembers got

    Re: About a voice-server

    Mistery - 08.10.2006, 00:34

    um it would be a good idea but i don't have a microphone

    Re: About a voice-server

    Death - 08.10.2006, 16:59

    you don't need a mic to get on you can just sit in there and listen to us talk but that would be up to you if you wanted to do that buti would say TeamSpeak is the one to go for

    Captain Death 8)

    Re: About a voice-server

    spooky - 10.10.2006, 12:44

    can you write in a teamspeak server?

    Re: About a voice-server

    ajp - 13.10.2006, 21:37

    Yes, You can.. But it's not really the main function, Nor is it very noticable. It appears in a small box at the bottom of the screen.

    Re: About a voice-server

    Mistery - 14.10.2006, 13:33


    Re: About a voice-server

    Anonymous - 14.10.2006, 17:43

    at least it's possible then, so people who don't got a mic can join it as well :)

    Re: About a voice-server

    Mistery - 15.10.2006, 00:14


    Mit folgendem Code, können Sie den Beitrag ganz bequem auf ihrer Homepage verlinken

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