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    Re: Phoenix LandTax Version 2.0

    Kawon no Oni - 06.10.2006, 15:14

    Phoenix LandTax Version 2.0
    Disruption will become more and more important, and what clan could disrupt more efficient than Phoenix? No one me thinks, cos it has two advantages over the Khol Wall Monstrosity:

    1. Better Card Draw (Stroghold, Banish mostly)

    2. The addition of "Fist of Osano-Wo" to an already impressive arsenal of PK and Lockdown.

    3. It starts in 70%+ of all games.

    What are the weaknesses compared to "Sexy Body"?

    1. A weaker Hybridscheme, due the loss of the solid gold chain and solid peepbase.

    2. It´s more difficult to get oneself below the honor of ... let´s say ... Ratling or Mantis to dishonor them out. And the complete lack of Regions beside Kanashimi Toshi and Tsuno Swamps prevents the safe route with DLF for the win! No 10K Temples, no Crossroads, no Celestial Road. :cry:

    Therefore the Courtier Tricks with Sac of Pawns/Dazai are gone and the deck loses much of it´s surprise factor. But it gets strong spellpower added and ... CARDDRAW.

    The main principle would therefore be:

    Massive Disruption and PK.

    Main Victory Condition: Military

    Decklist will follow...

    Re: Phoenix LandTax Version 2.0

    Kawon no Oni - 10.10.2006, 13:28

    Grmbl ... too much work to do and searching for some typo´s. ;-)

    Here´s the rough outline of the Fate Deck:

    Card Draw (7 cards)
    3 Banish all Shadows
    2 Unexpected Find
    2 Scroll cache

    Disruption (12 cards)
    3 Explosives
    3 Fist of osano-Wo
    3 Hired Killer
    1 Dark Lords Favor
    2 Test of Honor

    Spellpower (11 cards)
    2 Sapphire Strike
    3 Suitengu´s Surge
    3 Seal the Way
    1 Sezaru´s Burden
    1 Kuro´s Fire
    1 Rite of Travel

    Defense (10 cards)
    2 Fields of Foolish Pride
    3 Heavily Engaged
    3 Refugees
    2 Outer Walls

    Re: Phoenix LandTax Version 2.0

    Kawon no Oni - 10.10.2006, 13:30

    ATM I am looking for a possible abuse to establish a fast holding lockdown and a faster spitting out of peeps. Rite of Travel/Sezaru´s Burden would be the obvoius combo, with perhaps 2 Bloodsmiths cycling out there.

    Any suggestions?

    I would also like to play with Whispered Rumors, as some events simply give this deck a big bash. :wink:

    Re: Phoenix LandTax Version 2.0

    Kawon no Oni - 11.10.2006, 18:21

    Here we go:

    perhaps I should go the ultra-fast combo route with Bloodsmith Mainboard. :wink:

    Stronghold: Morikage Toshi
    Wind: Voice

    Holdings (14)
    2 Silver Mine
    2 Secluded Waystation
    3 Rich Coffers
    1 Supply Smugglers
    1 Arms Smugglers
    3 Supply Outpost
    1 Divining Pool
    1 Tortoise Ambassador :wink:

    Events (5)
    1 Kitsuki Scrutiny
    1 Time for Vengeance
    1 Price of Power
    1 Death of Ryoshun
    1 Last Prophecy

    Regions (2)
    1 Kanashimi Toshi
    1 Tsuno Swamps

    Peeps (21)
    1 Isawa Angai
    1 Isawa Sezaru
    1 Isawa Nomi
    3 Chitik
    3 Agasha Chisuzu
    3 Isawa Emori
    3 Isawa Seiga
    2 Quolsa
    1 The Mystic
    1 The Ronin
    1 Obsidian Dragon
    1 Kaiu Sugimuto


    Card Draw/Bla (7)
    3 Banish all Shadows
    2 Scroll cache
    1 Ring of Air
    1 Ring of the Void

    Disruption (10)
    3 Explosives
    3 Fist of osano-Wo
    3 Hired Killer
    1 Test of Honor

    Spellpower (14)
    2 Sapphire Strike
    3 Suitengu´s Surge
    2 Seal the Way
    3 Sezaru´s Burden
    1 Kuro´s Fire
    3 Rite of Travel

    Defense (9)
    3 Clumsy Ambush
    3 Overwhelmed
    3 Refugees

    Dropped PLD for the ultimate Anti-Deeds Tech. :twisted:

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