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    Re: Joining application

    Gofex Shine - 05.10.2006, 22:01

    Joining application
    -Be sure to follow our forum-rules as described on the general board.
    I will follow the rules.

    -We do not accept traded or shared characters in the Tribe.
    This char isn't traded and never shared or will share also.

    -We only accept people with a decent control of the english language.
    I can speak/write proper english.

    We also want you to answer the following questions in your application:

    About Tibia:
    1) Who are you?
    I am Gofex Shine.I am an level 30 Master Sorcerer.

    2) How and what have you heard of the Tribe?
    I heard things about tribe from my real life brother Sliverion(level 75 of The Friends of Honour) and I know that 2 of the leaders are also dutch.I heard that tribe is a respected guild with nice people in it.I know that the Tribe is a neutral guild and I like that.

    3) Why do you want to join the Tribe and not some other guild?
    I know the Tribe is the right guild for me.I like the guild,the codex,the people in it.And I know that this guild is the guild that I want to be in forever.

    4) Why should we recruit you, what can we expect from you?
    I am a nice person.I never make problems with people.Never had trouble before also.I can give my magic,my loyalty,my respect,my honour and of course my life to the Tribe.

    5) What do you expect from us?
    I expect that we can be like a family together and that you can give me the chance to show what I am worth for the Tribe.

    I'll write some of my friends here also:

    My father is Fregrance.
    My brother is Dragon slayer of inferno.
    Some friends are Monster Legend,Shadi depp,Aunt Karina,Dark Ronin,Dasher Brightheart,Frekela,Accelero,Jonavisee,Kizaj,Master freeman,Phythor,Princess Sasja,Rhin Darknoss,Samyn Elvea,Spenck.
    My real life brother is Sliverion.
    My protector is Tobber.

    About your reallife:
    1) How old are you?
    I am 13 years old.

    2) Where are you from?
    I am from the Netherlands.

    3) Who are you?
    I am Mitchell de Vries.Living in Houten.

    I know this wasn't at the list but I will write one. :)

    My Rpg story;

    When I logged in for the first time..I didn't know what I had to do.I was searching people that could help me with introducing tibia.I met some people.I met dragon slayer of inferno.He was a nice guy.He helped me with everything.We became good friends with eachother.I was very happy when I came into main because rook was like a big journey for me.I saw much high levels in main and I liked that.I also saw much new monsters that I didn't saw before.I started to level a bit.And I became stronger and stronger everyday.After a few months I started to think.I thought that I was good to search a guild and making more friends.I heard much things about the tribe so I was exploring the guildsite a bit and I liked everything.So a new journey started...The journey of a new lifetime.So I Started to write this application.

    I hope you liked my application.

    Sincerely yours,

    Gofex Shine

    Re: Joining application

    Hugh Black - 05.10.2006, 23:42

    Hello Gofex Shine,

    First of all; I liked your application, you have put some good effort in it.

    However, we are currently not recruiting new members, due to recent happenings we agreed on focussing on our current Trial members first.
    You are welcome to make an application for the Tribe in the future, I am afraid I cannot tell you exactly when we will be recruiting again.

    I hope you can understand this, good luck in your journeys traveller.


    Re: Joining application

    Gofex Shine - 07.10.2006, 22:56

    damn im pked by Xeta Xe :x
    I was lvl 30

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